Retaining-Wall Blocks for Sale

Quality Concrete Retaining-Wall Blocks for Sale

Concrete retaining-wall blocks, or CRBs for short, are specifically designed to build walls that retain soil. They can also be used for retention ponds on construction sites or in aquaculture farming.

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Retaining Wall Structure

Building A Sound Retaining-Wall Structure

The structure of a retaining wall will depend on the lay of the land and the design presented by the civil engineer. Such a construction is designed to keep a natural slope at bay, allowing for the construction of buildings and roads next to it.

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Correct Installation of CRBs

How to Correctly Approach CRB Installations

Concrete retaining block (CRB) walls are commonly used to retain soil on sloped areas. The construction of these walls keeps natural slopes at bay, avoiding landslides from crushing buildings, roads, or other infrastructure adjacent to such a wall.

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Concrete Retaining Wall Safety

Ensuring the Safety of Your Retaining Wall

Construction of a concrete retaining wall (CRB) requires that certain regulations be met, even before the structure is built. Since its basic function is to keep soil at bay and resist its movement and that of other materials, safety is a very important part of such a project.

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Retaining Wall Regulations

Retaining Walls Defined

When it comes to the construction of and regulations governing retaining walls, there are certain aspects that determine whether the structure follows the industrial-standard code, as stated by part K of SANS 10400.

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Brick Pavers Johannesburg

Reliable Brick Pavers in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a large city and the beating heart of South Africa’s Gauteng province. Construction is a booming business in the region, with many people interested in establishing their businesses here.

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Build Retaining Wall

Building Retaining Walls with Quality CRBs

There is a variety of retaining-wall designs and layouts that can be used when you want to build such a structure. However, it cannot be done without quality concrete blocks.

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