Why Precast Concrete Kerbs for Sustainable Road Building Projects?

Precast concrete has been used in many types of building projects over the years. Although site-cast kerbs are still in use, the worldwide move towards sustainable building has also led to an increased interest in precast concrete kerbs.

Precast Concrete Kerbs

In Situ vs precast concrete kerbs: which is best?

With site-cast projects, the concrete is poured at the site of construction. This is a time-consuming process as the construction crew has to wait for the mix delivery and then pour or construct on-site. The process also leaves room for inconsistencies in quality and appearance. Higher labour costs, the risk of project lag, quality issues and delays due to weather conditions make site-cast non-economical.

With off-site production that uses specially made precast moulds, it is possible to get optimal consistency in the mix, shape and quality. Single moulds are instantly demoulded, enabling large-scale production. Less wastage, lower labour costs and improved quality are reasons for off-site casting. With this method, the concrete kerbs are made according to specific lengths, shapes and sizes. Strict quality control measures are in place to ensure the products meet strength, shape and length sizes.

The kerbs are delivered to the construction site where the workers simply place them in the prepared areas. Even if the products are delivered and work cannot progress because the site crew is waiting for other work to be finished, the kerbs don’t perish or lose integrity. The products are already hardened and stabilised. Installation can be done at the same site without having to wait for drying or curing. It makes it possible to complete projects quicker.

How it is made

The mix is prepared according to the required standard and poured into a mould where it dries. Once dried, it is taken out and is ready for use. It is a straightforward process, making it possible to streamline production and thereby provide a quality product at an affordable price.

Here are the benefits of precast concrete kerbs:

  • Improved control over the production process – ensuring consistency in quality.
  • Streamlined production process – for lower cost, which is given through to the client.
  • Versatility – various sizes and shapes can be made because of the mould system.
  • Materials can be produced and stored until needed.
  • Faster installation at the site where needed.
  • Not affected by weather elements.
  • Durability – with long lifespans, the kerbs meet sustainability requirements for longevity.
  • Moulds for different types.

More on the sustainability characteristics

Precast concrete kerbs are made to last for many years. This means a reduced need for material replacement.  With less wastage, reduced environmental impact because of off-site mixing and a lower risk of hazardous materials to be left at the construction site, the use of precast concrete kerbs helps road building agencies to reduce their environmental footprints.

What are the functions?

The kerbs have several functions, some of which are listed here:

  • Create a distinct border between the road where vehicles travel and the pavement area where people walk or cycle.
  • Prevent vehicles from easily moving into spaces demarcated for gardening, walking or cycling.
  • Create an effective border for a drainage channel to help direct stormwater to the relevant drainage points.
  • Provide an attractive edge to the pavement or road.
  • Show motorists where the safe driving path ends.
  • Provide support structure for the pavement area.

Where to buy?

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