Six Incredible Benefits You May Have Forgotten About Block Paving

Pavers have been around for a long time. By now you most probably have seen every style and colour, but if you haven’t yet installed block paving, you will want to know why it’s a better option than asphalt, cement, pebble or gravel. Considering the aesthetic appeal of pavers, it’s hard to think of any reason not to install these at your estate development, shopping complex, school or home.

Just to remind you of all the benefits, let’s dig into the many reasons to opt for this kind of surface. For a quick view of our range visit the Paving Blocks section here.

  1. Long-lasting beauty

Block paving lasts a long time. Just think of all the paved streets in Europe and then think about corporate parks you have seen with this type of surface. Chances are many of the corporate parks were built over two decades ago, and yet, the parking surfaces look just as great today as back then.

Why is that? The answer lies with ease of maintenance and endurance beyond imagination. These surfaces just last and last regardless of traffic, heat, wind, rain and pressure exposure. If you want a surface that will look super attractive for years to come without extensive upkeep, then block paving is the answer.

  1. Aesthetic appeal

We’re back to the very basics – how does it look? For this, consider how quickly a gravel road is driven through, how unsightly a cracked cement surface is, and how even small potholes in the asphalt surface detract from the neatness of the parking area or driveway.

Add flair to your corporate park, driveway or townhouse complex with an aesthetically appealing surface that will complement the surroundings and emphasise your commitment to quality with block paving.

  1. Works in just about any environment

If you live in a coastal area, you already know that wooden decks often suffer from the effects of humidity, salt and water spray. You need to put in a lot of effort to protect the wooden deck or walkway. Not so with block paving. Create a stunning boardwalk or entertainment area while also reducing your maintenance costs and efforts by installing block paving.

  1. Styles & colours to fit your landscape

The sturdy pavers come in a range of styles and colours, making it possible to create unique layouts to fit the surrounding buildings and landscapes. Opt for a contrasting colour or go with one that complements the surrounding colours for maximum integration of the brick surface with that of the surrounds.

  1. No cracking or breaking because of temperature fluctuations

Unlike solid floated surfaces that tend to crack because of temperature fluctuations, the small spaces between the pavers, the smaller sizes of the blocks instead of a single floated surface, and the interlocking character of the pavers, significantly reduce the risk of cracking and breaking. Whether it is freezing, or high summer temperatures are experienced, the surface retains its integrity, functionality, and appeal.

  1. Safe driving and walking surface because of non-slip character

Want a surface that’s safe enough to install around a swimming pool? Then block paving is for you. The slightly rough texture provides for adequate grip even if covered with a thin layer of water as is often the case next to a swimming pool. With this type of surface, you can improve the safety around the swimming pool and thereby significantly reduce the risk of slip-and-fall incidents.

Likewise, if installed to function as a driveway or parking lot surface, you have the advantage of a driving area where vehicles will be able to stop without sliding, especially during wet weather periods. In this way you also improve the safety aspect of the parking lot at your townhouse complex, shopping centre, office building and home.

Block Paving

In summary

Block paving is durable, aesthetically appealing, easy to maintain, strong and non-slip. With these and many other benefits offered, why wait? Get in touch for pricing and ordering information today.