Concrete Kerb

Why Wet-Pressed Precast Concrete Kerbs for Road Construction Projects?

Concrete kerbs serve several important functions in road, garden, and building construction, some of which are:

  • Defining the edge of the road and the beginning of a walking area.
  • Providing a barrier between the road made for vehicles and the area made specifically for pedestrians.
  • Creating a visible edge to prevent road users from unknowingly using an area for driving, which is not purposed for vehicles.
  • Helping surface water to drain into a channel.
  • Improving safety in low-speed driving areas.
  • Demarcating road sections for specific purposes.
  • Separating the parking area from the walk area.
  • Preventing unauthorised vehicle parking on walk areas and lawns.

Concrete kerb systems come in different sizes, shapes, and lengths according to the application for which manufactured. The extruded barrier type is, for example, used for edging a long straight road, such as a highway. Concrete kerbs are also installed for aesthetic purposes in landscaped areas.

Concrete Kerb

Advantages of The Precast Method

With the precast method, it is possible to manufacture the relevant structures beforehand. Instead of casting at the construction site, we thus manufacture specific profiles that are delivered to the construction site. Some of the distinct advantages of precast concrete kerbs are briefly discussed below.

Fast Completion of Projects

When considering that the cost of labour is often the most expensive part of a road construction project, it becomes clear why it is essential to follow the fast installation route. With precast units, it simply entails precision installation rather than having to construct the kerbs at the site. With on-site installation, the area must be prepared and the concrete mixed at the site, poured, and then allowed to dry. The area cannot be used for any other purpose until setting has occurred. With precast, other work such as earthworks, trenching, and the likes can continue along the section.


As mentioned, projects can be completed faster. This also equals savings in labour, equipment hire, and materials. On-site mixing cannot be 100% consistent. Wastage occurs and this means money lost. Rain and wind conditions affect construction and the setting of the structures, thus delaying the completion of on-site construction of the kerbs. Special equipment must be used for on-site construction. This also implies having to budget for additional costs.

Superb Strength

The wet-pressed method allows for consistency in mixing, usage of material, and moulds. The manufactured products comply with specific manufacturing, structural strength, and quality standards. With on-site construction, the same level of control over quality and structural strength is not possible without incurring excessive costs.

Quality is Guaranteed

The products are manufactured in a controlled environment where specific processes are followed. As such, the concrete kerbs are tested at the manufacturer to ensure factors, such as aesthetic appeal, colour consistency, size, shape, height, length, material mix, curing, and more are controlled. Clients can thus expect quality products.

Improved Cost Projections

We provide detailed specifications for each product. It is thus easier to calculate the cost for a specific section, as one can already calculate how many units are needed for the section. With improved cost projections, the risk of under-budgeting is considerably lower.

Durability Improves Sustainability Profile

Our precast concrete products are made to be durable. The material density helps to improve structural strength and thus the ability to handle environmental stress. With sustainability important in road and other types of construction activities, it is essential to use durable products.

Advantages of Wet-Pressed Concrete Kerbs

Several methods exist for the manufacturing of kerbs. We use the wet-pressed method, making it possible to use a single mix for a large batch. The method holds the following benefits:

  • Consistency in quality.
  • Ability to produce large quantities.
  • Cost-effective manufacturing method without compromising on quality.
  • Control over colour for consistency.

Our products meet strict quality and manufacturing standards. Our product portfolio is extensive and includes barrier (various heights), garden, semi-mountable, and mountable kerbs.

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