5 Unmistakable Benefits of Cement Paving

Paved driveways, parking lots, and even streets sport neat appearances. But aesthetic appeal is only one of many reasons for choosing cement paving blocks or bricks as opposed to other types of road materials. Let us look at five advantages associated with cement paving to give you insight to why driveways in affluent residential areas, parking lots in corporate parks, and even walkways in open malls are paved.

Cement Paving

1. Quick Installation

If you are a building contractor, you already know the importance of keeping within the estimated time frame and budget of a building project. Projects running for longer than estimated incur extra costs in terms of labour, equipment hire, accommodation for staff members, transport, fuel, and penalties.

You need superior-quality materials, which is possible when buying cement paving blocks or bricks from us. The materials must be easy to work with and make it possible to install quickly. Whereas a surface made from tar entails an extreme amount of time and complex procedures to complete, paving does not involve the same. True, the area must be properly prepared and compacted. However, with no need for gravel usage, you already save time. The pavers can be installed without having to wait for the delivery of other building materials.

2. Easy to Repair

All types of surfaces are subject to wear and tear. How the surfaces carry the wear depends on factors, such as material strength, correct installation, the load weight, usage intervals, and road bed preparation.

The problem comes in when you need to repair a section of the surface to ensure the entire area keeps its aesthetic appeal and integrity. If you have to remove a large section just to repair one area, you are more likely to wait until a significant portion of the surface is no longer usable before you repair it. This can severely hamper the surface integrity. Considering that solid cement slabs may show cracks that can enlarge over time, such surfaces can eventually become unusable and ugly.

The ideal surface must be easy to repair. With cement paving blocks, you only need to remove the damaged blocks, stabilise the surface area in the particular section, and replace the damaged pavers. Removal is quick. The quick repair helps to save time and costs. It means that repairs can be done at once as opposed to repairs done only when large enough sections are damaged. The surface can be kept in proper working condition, which also implies longevity.

3. Exceptional Strength

We manufacture the cement paving blocks according to strict quality, strength, and manufacturing standards. You can thus expect the material to carry the required load weight. Paving blocks can be installed in delivery yards of industrial properties because these blocks are made to carry weight.

4. Easy to Maintain

Quick repairs imply low cost of maintenance, but with the hard-wearing surfaces of the pavers, very little to no maintenance is needed. Routine maintenance involves washing down the surface with water to remove debris and regrouting. You do not have to apply protective layers or paint it.

5. Wide Variety

The blocks or bricks come in many sizes, shapes, and colours to meet your particular appearance and load weight needs. Our product portfolio is extensive. You can rely on our consultants for accurate information about the characteristics of each type of paving block or brick.

View our extensive range of superior-quality cement paving blocks and get in touch for a quote or to place your order. With competitive prices and excellent after-sales service, we are one of the leading providers of quality building materials in Gauteng.