Concrete Pavers

Top Benefits of Concrete Pavers for Drive and Entertainment Surfaces

Whether you want to create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor braai area next to the swimming pool, hope to create a one-of-a-kind patio, or want to ensure a neat driveway, concrete pavers are the perfect materials.

With segmented paving blocks as available from us, it is possible to create a durable, even, and weed-free surface. Indeed, such paving blocks are now widely used for pavements, walkways in open malls, and even as street surfaces in estates. Parking lots feature the neat concrete pavers, as do driveways, entertainment areas, and more.

The versatility of the concrete pavers makes it possible to use the materials for specialised applications, urban roads, corporate parks, industrial yard areas, schools, and home driveways alike. Below are the top benefits of using concrete paving blocks to create the mentioned surfaces.

Concrete Pavers

Limited Fading and No Cracking

Unlike large cement slabs that crack over time, the segmented blocks do not crack because they are not affected by thermal changes in the way that asphalt or cement slabs are. As such, the hard-wearing surfaces stay crack-free for years. In addition, you do not have to be concerned about colour fading. The surfaces are made for the harsh weather conditions of South Africa and will look just as beautiful in a few years as the day installed.

Hassle-Free Repairs

If one or more concrete pavers are damaged, you do not have to repair an entire section. Simply remove and replace the affected paving blocks. This may be needed because of vehicle oil spillage or because you need to repair a pipe underneath the paved area.

Aesthetic Value

Think of a small community shopping centre without paving. The parking surface is only red soil. This creates a dusty and uneven area. Rain causes mud pools, sink holes, and erosion. It is unsafe and certainly unsightly. Through the use of concrete pavers, the area can get an upgrade without it costing millions. Even the use of asphalt stones or gravel can cause problems, such as punctures, noise pollution, difficulty to drive, and more. The paving blocks keep their positions and keep their appeal for years to come. If you plan on selling your property, give it more kerb appeal by paving the driveway and braai area.

Excellent Surface Grip

Rain often leaves a thin layer of water on a tar road or cement slab driveway. This can be rather slippery. Whether for vehicles or pedestrians, the paved area should not pose a risk of slipping. With the texture of the concrete pavers as available from us, you do not have to be concerned about slippery surfaces, such as the paved area around a pool. With such, parking lots can be made safer for the users.

Exceptional Weight-Carrying Capacity

True, any road surface material you choose must be able to carry the required weight for the stretch of road. This is true whether it is an estate road, industrial reticulation road, or your driveway. Fortunately, our concrete pavers are made to carry exceptional pressure and weight as required for parking and road surfaces.

Low Maintenance

All that is required to keep the concrete pavers in good condition is to sweep the area and rinse it with water. You do not need special equipment or a professional to keep the surface looking great for years to come.

Wire Range Available

We offer an extensive range of concrete pavers to meet your surface appearance and weight-bearing needs.

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