How to Choose Brick Pavers for Home Paving Projects in South Africa

Brick pavers are the perfect products for creating stunning driveways and equally impressive outdoor entertainment spaces.

With a wide range of brick pavers available, how do you choose the right products for your particular project? Read on to discover the top factors to keep in mind if you want to select paving products to meet your residential paving needs.

Brick Pavers

What is the overall architecture?

The brick pavers must complement the overall style of your garden and home architecture. To this end, consider the sizes, shapes and colour options available from us. Our paving blocks are SABS approved and the range consists of:

  • Bevel
  • uBuntu Cobble
  • Twin Cobble
  • Interlock
  • Cottage

From rectangular to square and interlocking designs make it possible to match the overall style of the surrounding buildings. Colour options range from plum and clay sand to grey, black, multi, dark sand and clay. Get an overview of the colour and shape options here.

What layout do you prefer?

The layout potential depends on the shapes of the blocks. You can use two or more colours to create unique patterns apart from placing the various paving bricks in a specific layout.

Can you match the colour with the roof colour or another element?

In recognition of the importance of repeating elements such as colours or textures in landscaping and interior design, we offer several colour options. This makes it possible to match the paving with at least one element in the surrounds. Carefully select the paving blocks to match, for instance, building wall or roof colours to create a coherent look and feel. The colour doesn’t have to be an exact match, as long as it complements at least one major element in the surrounds.

You can also go the opposite direction by contrasting the drive or walk surface colour to the nearby major elements. Contrasting can be based on warm and cool colours or dark and light, etc. As alternative, consider simply embedding specific colours or elements in the paving that can work as a natural extension of the surrounds. For example, match the green, purple or blue tones you see in the surrounding flower beds with the inclusion of a plum colour accent in the paving. You can also have the largest part of the paving in the clay or sand colour and just have a border in another colour to match a nearby prominent element.

Can the brick pavers handle the traffic load?

An essential consideration is the weight that brick pavers must carry. How much traffic must the paving handle? Do you have heavy items or vehicles that will have to drive over or be placed on the bricks? Make sure the particular paving blocks you choose can handle the expected weight and traffic. Our consultants can help you choose appropriate blocks to meet weight and traffic requirements.

How durable is the paving?

If the paved area is constantly exposed to direct sunlight, you will want pavers that will keep their colour for years to come. The design of the base must be considered in the design.

Want more ideas?

View this video for 33 driveway paving ideas.

Ready to buy?

Whether you need anti-slip paving products for instalment around the swimming pool or want blocks suited for driveways, our range of products includes the appropriate blocks to meet your application needs. Our consultants are here to help if you have more questions or want assistance with the selection of appropriate paving blocks. Get in touch for a quote and have the brick pavers delivered to your address in Gauteng.