Figure 11 Kerb

When it comes to constructing roads and paved areas, kerbs will always be a part of construction planning, allowing for quality edges that promote rainwater drainage to avoid the inconvenience or potential danger of pools of standing water. Kerbs also add a professional finish to a paved area or road, acting as a border that can be mountable to ensure that vehicles can mount the kerb face with ease. Read more

Figure 8a Kerb

Concrete kerbs are used to frame and finish off roads and paved areas, with many kerbs being mountable to allow vehicles and people to comfortably drive or step onto the kerb. Kerbs also help with drainage on roads and paved areas to keep rainwater from collecting where standing water can be a hazard or inconvenience. Using concrete to make kerb blocks ensures that these blocks have strong structural strength and can withstand a lot of wear and tear, whether it is harsh weather conditions or tons of weight being forced onto them. Read more

Concrete Kerb

The world of paving and road construction will always require kerbing to ensure that roads and paved areas have proper drainage, apart from bordering these areas for a professional finish.
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Quality Kerbing

When it comes to finding the ideal kerbs for paving projects, a couple of factors will determine which kerbs will ultimately suit the finished project best. A high-rise kerb ably serves as a barrier kerb, keeping rainwater runoff at bay and serving as a miniature retaining wall for keeping higher levels of ground in place, making them ideal for residential driveways and public walkways.

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Interlocking Block Solutions

Paving presents its own set of unique challenges, like having to ensure that the surface is flat before starting the project and getting the perfect number of blocks and bricks for the overall surface area. Once those things are calculated, the time comes to choose the ideal interlocking brick for the project, including colour and layout. Choosing an interlock block will open up a variety of uses to the paver, with a wide selection of colours and patterns available for the desired result.

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Viable Kerb Options

Paving projects are not complete without quality kerbing to round off the paving, keep it in place, and provide a solid structure. Various kerbs are available for various applications, with sloped kerbs making for ideal mountable surfaces for parking lots and walkways, while barrier kerbs are perfect for diverting water runoff and creating a solid surface to contain the surrounding ground.

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Garden Kerbs

Gardens bring a piece of nature to the concrete jungle of the city. They also spice up your yard with natural beauty and provide place for planting your favourite flowers or sapling trees. From a commercial point of view, public gardens and parks have always been part of society, with large gardens and parks to explore in every major city around the world. South Africa also features a plethora of public gardens and parks, bringing the beauty and serenity of nature to the busy and demanding city life.

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Talk to any savvy shopper and they will tell you that the less you pay the less you get, either in terms of quantity or quality. Of course there are exceptions to this universal rule, but the wise old maxim that “you gets what you pays for” still holds true. And while it may be acceptable to base ones purchase decisions for consumer goods such as clothing and houselhold items on price – most people having no other option – it is certainly not acceptable when it comes to safety critical items such as buildings, bridges and concrete block retaining walls (CRB).

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Quality Approved Kerbs

When it comes to paving projects, you need quality kerbs to round off the edges of a paved driveway, parking lot, walkway, or road. Kerbs need to be built for toughness and durability, while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing design to blend with the setting. With a plethora of possibilities when paving, kerbs sometimes need to be mountable, allowing vehicles to drive over or up against them without damaging the kerb in the process, or people to comfortably step over them when walking..

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