Brick Pavers Johannesburg

Reliable Brick Pavers in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a large city and the beating heart of South Africa’s Gauteng province. Construction is a booming business in the region, with many people interested in establishing their businesses here.

With construction comes lots of preparation in order for the project to be successful and the structure to be safe. If you are looking for brick pavers in the area that can supply and execute paved areas, large or small, MVA Bricks has the products and workforce to make it happen.

We offer a variety of paver bricks in Johannesburg that can be used in a myriad of layouts and patterns to suit your requirements. You can enjoy the best quality when using our products to execute projects for your business or residence. Our products cover industry-standard sizes and shapes, with a selection of colours to allow for 2-tone or multi-coloured patterns. Whatever you prefer, we can deliver. Today, we will glance over our available bricks and pavers and how they can make a difference when you want some quality pavingdone.

Our Available Paver Bricks

As with any regulated industry, suppliers’ products must adhere to certain quality and safety standards. Our range of paver bricks includes the Bevel, which is a basic block that is commonly used for such purposes. The Bevel has a rectangular shape that measures 200 x 100 mm. We offer this block in a thickness of 50 mm to guarantee its durability for load-bearing purposes. The top face of the Bevel is bevelled to allow for a smooth surface. We offer this block in five colours as well, giving you a sensible selection to mix and match for multi-colour patterns.

If you want a coarser, grippier surface, our Twin Cobble is the ideal variant on the Bevel. It has the same dimensions as the Bevel but the Twin Cobble has a cobbled face to improve grip when walking over such a paved surface. It is unique and quite different from what many industries in Johannesburg typically use. So, if you want an option for creating a good walking surface, the Twin Cobble is a good option. This block is also available in five colours, allowing for multiple pattern layouts.

For a more heavy-duty approach, we offer the Interlock. This paver brick is commonly used for driveways and parking lots where heavier vehicles are expected to park and drive. In a city like Johannesburg, there is a multitude of possible applications for which the Interlock is ideal. The sides of this block are serrated to allow for interlocking between bricks. Various thicknesses are also available; a standard 50 mm, as well as 60 and 80 mm. Also available in five colours, the Interlock serves as a sensible option for heavy-duty applications in industrial areas of cities like Pretoria and Johannesburg.

MVA Bricks is your supplier of paving bricks in the Pretoria and Johannesburg area. We offer a selection of blocks to choose from. They are available in various colours as well to broaden your options. For more information on our products and services, please browse our website for images and pack details. Choose us today for all your paver needs.