Other Uses of Interlocking Bricks

Uses of Our Interlocking Bricks

The construction industry depends on various products and service providers, with multiple contractors coming together to execute large projects.

Paving is a crucial part of nearly every construction project, delivering a solid and durable surface for walking, driving, and parking on. Most pavers use standardised bevelled blocks to pave, while other uses call for interlocking bricks to get the job done. Although it depends on the specific surface and how it is intended to function within its setting, different types of blocks can do different jobs to suit the purpose of the paved area.

MVA Bricks can supply a variety of paving blocks for various uses. As an established supplier, we also offer different shapes and colours to suit your needs and paving environment. Paving blocks can be used in many ways, apart from creating a paved surface. Different sizes should also be available to give you flexibility and freedom when paving anything from a parking lot to a garden path. The possibilities are endless with our range of paving blocks. Today, we will look at some of our available versions, including interlocking bricks. We will also have a look at uses other than for plain monotone paving.

Our Selection of Paving Blocks

Our basic brick is the one with the simplest form factor and is called the Bevel. It is a rectangular paving block that can be used in various contrasting patterns, because it is available in five colours, namely Grey, Plum, Black, Clay, and Multi. The Bevel makes for a stable paving surface. Because of the range of colours available, it gives you freedom of choice for your paved area.

Interlocking bricks refer to a paving or building block with sides that have slots or serrations that can be interlocked with each other. These interlocking sides allow the bricks to securely butt up against each other and lock in place like puzzle pieces, preventing them from becoming dislodged. This type of block can be used for heavy-duty paving purposes as well. The standard thickness is 50 mm and we offer other thicknesses as well; these are 60 and 80 mm, each with a higher load-bearing capacity for heavier-duty uses. It is also available in the same five colours as the Bevel, so you can personalise your paving job with various patterns and layouts. The Bevel and Interlock blocks can be just the paving solutions you need for your next project.

Other uses of interlocking bricks extend beyond paving. Our interlocking concrete retaining-wall blocks (CRBs) have unique shapes that make them great at their job. Such blocks have many uses for building concrete retaining walls to retain slopes and prevent landslides. So, as you can see, interlocking as a design principle can prove very useful in a variety of uses, whether it be paving bricks or retaining-wall bricks.

MVA Bricks offers standardised and other paving bricks and concrete blocks for your business. For more information on our interlockingblocks, please browse our website for images and details on the size of the packs and how many bricks are shipped per pack. Take advantage of our big selection of building materials to maximise your options in terms of paving, kerbing, and retaining-wall construction.