Build Retaining Wall

Building Retaining Walls with Quality CRBs

There is a variety of retaining-wall designs and layouts that can be used when you want to build such a structure. However, it cannot be done without quality concrete blocks.

MVA Bricks supplies a sensible selection of concrete retaining-wall blocks (CRBs), along with additional add-ins that add to the functionality of the blocks. Our MVA 13 is a rounded CRB that is attractive and therefore ideal for use in residential construction. This block is hollowed out to retain soil.

If you need a square-shaped block with which to build a retaining wall, the MVA 7 has a rectangular shape with two hollow sections in it. Our Slider Panel is sold alongside the MVA 7 to optionally turn it into a closed-faced wall. Our Lok Block offers a unique design that can be used for a variety of retaining-wall constructions. This block also goes with an optional foundation block called the Base Block that serves as a solid foundation when building with the Lok Block.

With CRB wall construction, certain things must be kept in mind to ensure the structural integrity of the wall. When the intended height of a CRB wall exceeds 1,2 m, for example, a civil engineer is required to design the layout of the wall. This design needs to be implemented and built correctly to ensure that the wall will not fail. In the event of a slope collapsing, the consequences can be catastrophic, with potential loss of life and damage to property and infrastructure.

Every environment poses its own set of challenges that the engineers and construction team have to overcome. When you build a retaining wall, the structure will have to be suitable for the environment in order to effectively contain the slope. A retaining wall has a critical job to avoid deadly landslides that can pose a threat to people and crush the existing structures next to it. Roads on mountain passes serve as an ideal example of how CRB walls have to adapt to their location. Should there not be a wall there, the risk of landslides or slope shifts will be drastically increased, which in turn can destroy the road and cause fatalities.

MVA Bricks offers a sensible selection of concrete retaining-wall blocks, paving bricks, and concrete kerbs. If you plan to build a CRB wall in your next project, choose us as your supplier. Our CRBs are solid and the type of quality concrete blocks you need for building any CRB wall. For more information on our available blocks, please peruse our website for images and specifications.