Concrete Retaining Wall Safety

Ensuring the Safety of Your Retaining Wall

Construction of a concrete retaining wall (CRB) requires that certain regulations be met, even before the structure is built. Since its basic function is to keep soil at bay and resist its movement and that of other materials, safety is a very important part of such a project.

Without the necessary precautions in place, the structure can fail under the pressure of holding a natural slope in place. This can lead to the failure of the entire slope and loss of life, as well as damage to or the destruction of roads and buildings next to the slope.

Since retaining walls need to resist these loads, concrete is commonly used to make the blocks used for constructing them. This material can be densified to various degrees as well, matching the needs of the specific application. As a result, CRBs are built very robustly for optimal results and to resist natural forces and soil movement. They also feature hollowed sections to provide better retention characteristics. If you want to ensure the safety of such a structure, there are various guidelines and regulations to follow before building them.

Part A of SANS 10400 states that “any free-standing wall constructed of masonry, concrete, steel, aluminium, or timber, or any wire fence where such wall or fence does not exceed 1,8 m in height at any point above ground level, and does not retain soil” is considered minor building work. As a result, CRBs require a civil engineer to design the layout of the structures, ensuring their safety and ability to resist soil movement. The plans must be approved as well, with local authorities being notified of the intent to build such a structure.

We offer a selection of concrete retaining-wall blocks to ensure that you can build a sound structure for your next project. Our MVA 7 has a rectangular shape with two hollow sections. In addition, we offer the Slider Panel to create a closed-face layout on a structure that uses the MVA 7 block. The MVA 13 has a rounded shape with an indentation on the side to allow the blocks to interlock. These are only a few of the options we offer in terms of CRBs. If you wish to construct a quality structure, these are the blocks to do it with.

MVA Bricks is your supplier of various building materials, consisting of paving bricks, concrete kerbs, and retaining-wall blocks. Follow the regulations as set out by SANS 10400 to ensure the safety and stability of your structure. For more information on our available products, please browse our website for details of their dimensions and weights.