SABS Approved Retaining Wall Blocks

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Retaining walls are constructed using concrete retaining-wall blocks (CRBs) that are cast in a specific density and SABS-approved to deliver optimal performance.

By using concrete, the density can be adapted when casting to offer optimal strength to resist environmental influences, the elements, and the forces and loads acting on the structure. Such a construction’s layout is specifically designed to retain soil on a natural slope. It can also be used as a retention pond for construction yards and for aquaculture farming.

At MVA Bricks, we supply a selection of SABS-approved retaining-wall blocks. These give you a feasible choice between different shapes and layouts for different designs. They are designed for interlocking to ensure the integrity of the finished structure. If you need a supplier of concrete building materials and CRBs, we are your first port of call. Today, we will look at the different shapes that we offer, giving you an idea of the various layouts and designs that a civil engineer can create for each of them.

When constructing an SABS-approved concrete retaining wall, the plans must be drawn up by a civil engineer and the final plans must be approved before construction can begin. The type of concrete blocks will be determined by the purpose of the structure and specified in the plans. We start with our MVA 13, which features a rounded shape with a concave side to allow for secure interlocking. These blocks weigh 32 kg each and ships at 36 units per pallet. They make for a particularly attractive retaining wall.

Many of the SABS-approved concrete retaining-wall blocks now available feature a hollow section to allow for better soil retention and this is also the case with the MVA 13, as well as its stablemate, the MVA 7. In fact, if you need a rectangular shape to get the job done, the MVA 7 is the answer. This unit can be used for open- and closed-face installations, with our Slider Panel being used to create a neat, closed-face design. Its weight is 38 kg per unit and it ships at 36 units per pallet. Both these options deliver a strongly integral interlocking unit that can effectively be used for a variety of wall designs.

MVA Bricks offers a wide selection of paving bricks, concrete kerbs, and SABS-approved retaining-wall blocks. For more information on our quality products, please browse our website for images, dimensions, and further specifications. Choose us as your supplier of building materials today and benefit from our vast range and superior quality.