Massive New Ford Storage Yard Paved With MVA Interlockers

A new storage area for newly manufactured vehicles at Ford Motor Company South Africa’s Silverton assembly plant in Pretoria has been overlayed with, a hard-wearing 60mm interlocking concrete block paver supplied by CMA member, MVA Bricks. The project was completed in December 2020, three months ahead of schedule.

Designed by ViKO Consulting Engineers and covering just over 58 000m², the newly paved area forms part of an expansion project at the plant and provides visually-appealing parking surface for 2 100 completed vehicles awaiting domestic and international shipment.

It increases the current and shipment yard, all done in interlocking pavers, from 146 000m² to 204 000m². Until the fourth quarter of 2022 it will store Ford Rangers, Everests and Range Raptors. However, from the first quarter of 2023 it will only store the Ford Ranger, but in much larger volumes.

Ryan Prinsloo of main contractor, PR Projects and Civil Works, says the paving involved the excavation of unsuitable soil which was removed from site and rehabilitated.

“The sub-base comprises 150mm of compacted G5 aggregate and bedding sand. In addition to its Interlocker paver, MVA also supplied us with channel kerbing for the edging of the paved surface.

“The paved area is sloped, draining stormwater into V drains which were constructed with concrete to falls. Concrete plinths were installed for the construction of car ports which were roofed with solar panels.”

MVA general manager, Brennan Small, says interlocking concrete block paving is the ideal surface for vehicle storage.

“The interlocking action of the MVA Interlocker facilitates excellent load distribution. Interlocking creates a strong bond between the pavers which makes them resistant to movement under traffic. And by spreading the load Interlockers lower base-layer requirements.

“What’s more, Interlockers are skid-resistant and perform well with stop/start traffic and the turning/slewing of wheels. They are also resistant to petro-chemicals and other contaminant spillage and their outstanding durability means they will last for many years,” advises Small.

Like other types of concrete block pavers, Interlockers can be removed to allow access to services and then replaced without visible evidence of the removal.

Ford South Africa’s new vehicle storage area.

MVA Interlockers during the laying of Ford South Africa’s new vehicle storage area.

MVA Interlockers were used to create a hard-wearing surface for Ford South Africa’s new vehicle storage area.