The Importance of Correct Paving Blocks and Installation Procedures

Concrete paving blocks are durable and able to withstand petrochemicals and harsh weather conditions. Whether you want to create a non-skid surface for a vehicle storage facility or add an attractive driveway to your home, these products suit the profile.

However, the durability and aesthetic appeal of the project can be compromised through incorrect surface preparation and installation procedures. Therefore, choose the right pavers and use experienced contractors to install the pavers. Below are essential factors and elements to consider when installing paving. This includes insight as to why choosing the correct product, supplier, and installation team is important.

The Essential Components to Consider with the Installation of Paving blocks:

Before installing paving blocks, consider the following components:

  • The natural material already available at the site of installation.
  • The condition of the sub-grade at the site.
  • Whether sand is needed to create the thin layer for graded bedding.
  • The type of pavers suitable for the particular area and load bearing requirements.
  • If sand is required to fill gaps between the pavers.
  • The type of edge restraint needed to provide the necessary positive support around the paved area.
  • If drainage is needed for the surface and sub-soil area to eliminate or reduce the risk of excessive water collection in the layers of the paved area.

Soil or rock provides support to surface areas. Before installation of the pavers, determine the sub-grade strength and stability characteristics. If the sub-grade is weak and unstable, then the sub-grade must be stabilised through the addition of a sub-base. If necessary, two layers of sub-base can be used.

A sand bedding layer may be needed to create an even bedding space for the blocks. The pavers are compacted on this thin layer, causing the sand to rise between the pavers. In turn, this gives support throughout the paved area. The sand between the block joints ensures the width between the block joints is even and correct. This also facilitates interlocking between the pavers once the gaps are filled. For more information, download the Concrete Paving Block – Design Aspects Guide from the Concrete Manufacturing Association.

The paver choice depends on load-bearing requirements. As a rule of thumb, the thicker the blocks, the more weight can be carried. However, the block material and how it has been manufactured affect its strength. To this end, purchase SABS approved pavers. Enquire from the supplier about the strength and suitability of the particular pavers for the project at hand. As a leading supplier of quality pavers in Gauteng, MVA Bricks is here to help.  Below is an example of a recent large commercial project in which interlocking pavers from MVA Bricks has been used.

Ford Motor Company Chose Our Paving Blocks for their Storage Yard

We completed a paving project three months ahead of the original schedule for a brand new storage yard at the Silverton assembly plant in Pretoria at the end of 2020. The project covered an area of 58 000 m2 where as many as 2 100 completed vehicles would be stored in preparation for shipment.

Interlocking pavers were used for the project to create a strong, durable and low maintenance surface to provide a stable parking surface for the vehicles. The preparation phase entailed unsuitable soil removal, and the creation of a 150 mm sub-base made up of G5 aggregate, in addition to appropriate bedding sand. We supplied the attractive interlocking paving blocks, as well as channel kerbs for the project.

The interlocking pavers were well-suited for project scale and the application of vehicle storage because these paving blocks are:

  • Skid-resistant due to their surface texture.
  • Resistant to petrochemical substances.
  • Exceptionally durable.

These pavers can be removed with ease to allow contractors access to services and replaced without affecting the aesthetic appearance of the surface. Read more about the Ford storage yard paving project here.

Final Thoughts

Buy paving blocks from a trusted supplier, able to provide comprehensive information about their products and to help with installation for commercial or residential projects. MVA Bricks has extensive experience, provides superior quality materials, and offers competitive pricing. View our selection here.