Retaining the Slopes

When it comes to road construction on mountain faces and similarly sloped surfaces, the use of concrete retaining walls is common. Driving through the Lowveld, it is clear to see why these retaining walls are so popular, as they ensure that the earth will not move and crush cars on the road, or even the road itself, due to landslides. Various methods can be employed when constructing a concrete retaining wall, depending on the requirements of the specific slope and how you plan to retain that slope over time.

If you are looking for a supplier of retaining wall blocks, MVA Bricks offers a selection that can not only be used for various designs, but also allow for the construction of strong and effective retaining walls. This method of containing a slope can also be used around building construction, whether commercial or residential. As a concept, when laying a solid foundation on a construction site, concrete retaining walls can be used to maintain the slope of the land, while the foundation stays level and intact. Today, we will introduce the selection that MVA Bricks can offer you for your next construction project.


Our Selection of Concrete Retaining Blocks

A common requirement with these blocks is the ability to interlock, allowing for easy and strongly integral construction and sturdiness. We start with the MVA 7. This block’s dimensions are 470 × 300 × 180 mm, with the face being 210 mm in height, for an extra 30-mm lift to contain any falling debris. The MVA 7 weighs 38 kg per block and ships at 36 blocks per pallet.

Moving on to the MVA 13, we offer a rounded concrete retaining wall block that is appreciated for its aesthetic appeal. This block has a concave incline on the side, allowing for interlocking between the blocks from the sides or when stacked. The MVA 13’s dimensions are 340 × 425 × 225 mm, complete with a hollowed-out section that increases the sturdiness of your concrete retaining wall over time. The blocks weigh 32 kg each and ship at 36 blocks per pallet.

A brand-new arrival is the Slider Panel, which is used in conjunction with the MVA 7. The Slider Panel allows for the construction of a closed-face wall by “closing” all the open spaces in a traditional open-face MVA 7 wall. This block features a bevelled face for an aesthetically pleasing finish, with its dimensions being 395 × 40 × 175 mm and the block weighing 6,5 kg. These blocks ship at 72 sliders per pallet and can be just what you need for your next project.

MVA Bricks offers a variety of paving bricks, kerbs, and concrete retaining wall blocks for sale to our customers. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for images and detailed specifications, or contact us directly with further enquiries. Choose MVA bricks for your next construction or paving project and enjoy the benefits of having a wide selection of bricks and concrete blocks to choose from.