Retaining Block Walls

When it comes to the construction of retaining block walls, various factors play a role in the final result, starting with the type of block you will be using to get the job done. Should you be looking for a supplier of quality retaining wall blocks, MVA Bricks offers a selection of blocks with proven integrity when used in conjunction with correct construction methods. Using our retaining wall blocks will result in a cost-effective construction method and they enhance their surroundings with an aesthetically pleasing setup to keep land mass at bay, avoiding landslides and ground movement.

A civil engineer’s knowledge is paramount in the design and construction of a large retaining wall, reducing the risks of accidents during and after construction. Should the height of the planned retaining wall exceed 1,2 m, it is compulsory that a civil engineer designs the retaining wall before construction begins, thereby assuring that the final product poses no risk of collapsing and guaranteeing its integrity for years to come. Now that we have covered some basic requirements of the construction of retaining walls, let’s shift our focus to MVA Bricks’ selection to find the ideal retaining wall block for your next construction project.


Our Selection of Retaining Wall Blocks

As per requirement, these blocks interlock with each other, allowing for the proper construction of retaining walls that will not only stay in place, but also be strong and durable thanks to the interlocking feature of the blocks. The MVA 13 offers a rounded, hollow concrete block with a concave side to allow for interlocking from the side. The block’s dimensions are 425 x 340 x 225 mm and weighs 32 kg to grant excellent stability once in place. The MVA 13 ships at 36 blocks per pallet and is an ideal choice for an aesthetically pleasing retaining wall.

Moving on, we offer the MVA 7, a rectangular block with two square hollow sections and a face to give it solid structure and easy interlocking ability. The MVA 7’s dimensions are 470 x 300 x 180 mm, with the face adding an extra 30 mm to the front height of the block. It weighs in at 38 kg per block to add some weight for stability and strength. These retaining wall blocks ship at 36 blocks per pallet and are a viable option for any type of retaining wall construction.

We also feature the Slider Panel, offering a rectangular stand-up face with its dimensions being 395 x 175 x 40 mm and weighing 6,5 kg per slider, giving you the appropriate product to finish off your retaining wall by using the Slider Panel where the wall design may benefit from them.

MVA Bricks offers anything you need in terms of concrete blocks, whether you want paving, kerb, or retaining wall blocks. Our comprehensive selection ensures that you have enough choices to execute your project exactly how you want it to be. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details and images of our blocks, or contact us directly with enquiries. Choose MVA Bricks today and let us be your supplier of any paving brick or concrete block you need.