Effective Retaining Walls

South Africa has challenging weather conditions, influencing the way construction contractors approach certain tasks. When building roads on slopes and steep inclines, chances are that these companies employ the use of retaining walls to keep a landslide from crashing down on the road once completed. These retaining walls can also be used for keeping sloped surfaces in place for residential or commercial buildings that are constructed against mountain faces or any similar areas where steep inclines can lead to landslides.

Should you be driving on a mountain pass in South Africa, you will probably come across some of these retaining walls. If you are looking for a place where you can order top-quality retaining wall blocks for your next big construction project, MVA Bricks offers a selection of effective and interlocking retaining wall blocks for sale, ideal for constructing various types of retaining walls to fit your projects’ requirements.


MVA’s Selection of Retaining Wall Blocks

MVA Bricks offers a wide range of paving blocks, kerbs, and retaining wall blocks to choose from for construction and paving purposes. Currently, we offer two types of retaining wall blocks, with a third option coming soon. Our first choice is the MVA 7, offering a rectangular shape; the blocks can easily be interlocked with each other, whether they are stacked on top of each other or laid right next to each other. Each block’s dimensions are 300 × 180 × 470 mm, with the face of the retaining wall block being 180 mm in height.

The MVA 7 weighs 38 kg per block, shipping at 36 blocks per pallet and providing a retaining wall block design that controls slopes and inclines effectively. The MVA 7 also features two rectangular, hollowed-out shapes instead of just a singular hollow opening, granting a sturdier block to be used for various retaining purposes. Should you be looking for a round shape as opposed to a rectangular one, our MVA 13 retaining wall block offers exactly that. Its rounded design has a thick, hollowed wall to ensure that the block’s integrity will remain unaffected.

The MVA 13 has a concave side as well, making the block suitable for interlocking by providing a rounded slot for other similar blocks to interlock on the side, with a flat top to ensure that these blocks can easily be stacked on top of each other without having to worry about fitting them perfectly. This retaining wall block’s dimensions are 340 × 425 × 225 mm, granting a bigger size than the MVA 7, and weighing in at 32 kg per block. These blocks feature 32 blocks per pallet and can be ideal for a more aesthetically pleasing retaining wall, with the blocks forming concrete flower pots for residential and commercial areas.

Aside from our selection of retaining wall blocks, MVA Bricks also offers a wide range of paving blocks and kerbs to ensure that your paving projects does not only look good, but are durable and perform well. Please contact us today with any further enquiries or peruse our website for details.