Why You Should Choose Cement Paving Blocks for Your Property

Gone are the days of having to settle for gravel or cement slabs for your driveway or outdoor entertainment areas. Cement paving blocks, like the ones you can find here at our pavers section, are suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Swimming pool areas to prevent slip and fall accidents due to water on the surface around the pool.
  • Outdoor patio and braai areas to create aesthetic pause areas with low fire risk.
  • Driveways for a neat, skid-free surface to prevent the vehicle from sliding in wet conditions and to give superb traction against a slope.
  • Pet outdoor areas – the textured surface helps to keep their nails short, and the surface is easy to clean.
  • Hardscape purposes to improve the aesthetic appeal of your garden.
  • Additional parking space for guests or parking on the pavement if you operate a home office.

Play area for the children where you can place a table tennis structure, a basketball ring, or soccer net.

What are Cement Paving Blocks?

Don’t let the word “cement” make you think of the white concrete surfaces of old. Made from a cement mix, these blocks are what we call “brick pavers”. Their unique composition makes them extremely durable. In essence, these are bricks or blocks of specific size, shape, thickness and colour that are laid onto sand or another prepared sub-surface area to form a long-lasting surface.

Several types are available, depending on the application and the weight-bearing capacity is excellent. As a rule of thumb, the thickness of the paver plays a role in its weight carrying capacity. Reach out here for expert help in choosing the type that matches your particular application needs.

The cement paving blocks are segmented and, because of the way these are laid, they form a strong surface structure without the need to add cement or another binding substance in between. This helps to save on the installation costs.

Types Available from MVA:

  • Bevel – 200×100×50 mm
  • uBuntu Cobble – 150×150×60 mm
  • Twin Cobble – 200×100×50 mm
  • Interlock – 50/60 & 80 mm
  • Cottage – 200×150×50 mm
  • Stock Bricks – 220×100×70 mm

These paving bricks are available in a range of colours. The Bevel type with its rectangular profile is, for instance, available in grey, multi, plum, black and clay, and so are the uBuntu Cobble with its square profile and the Twin Cobble – also rectangular in shape. All these are SANS approved, giving you superb quality assurance. Our Interlock type has a curved profile for easy interconnection, is also SANS approved and comes in the same colours. The Cottage with its rectangular shape, also SANS mark approved, comes in grey, plum, black, clay, multi, clay sand and dark sand, while the SANS mark approved stock bricks are available in grey. Have a look at the paver product page for the specifications, number of pavers per square metre, and weight specifications.

Advantages of Using these Paving Bricks Include:

  • Durable surfaces, which don’t fade in colour and can withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Easy to maintain, requiring little more than sweeping and a hose-down every now and then.
  • Aesthetic appeal for improving the kerb appeal of your property, thereby adding value.
  • Can be used in just about all areas of the garden.
  • Wide range of colours to match your landscape and surrounding structures.
  • Won’t crack or break due to fluctuations in temperature.
  • Good load and traffic bearing capacity.
  • Due to texture, these surfaces are non-slip.

Read more about the benefits and advantages of our paving here.

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