Why and How Precast Concrete Kerbs are Used

Kerbs are essential in urban areas to distinguish between spaces designated for vehicles and pedestrians. Though it is possible to establish a clear distinction between walking and driving areas in other ways, precast concrete kerbs make it possible to create properly defined edges. The paved walk area can be higher than the road surface if a kerb is used.

Safety Benefits in Urban Areas

The speed limits in urban areas are lower than on national roads. As such, traffic moves more slowly and where slow-moving vehicles stray from allocated drive areas, precast concrete kerbs prevent them from inadvertently moving onto the walk spaces adjacent to the roads. Though these edge structures cannot stop straying vehicles altogether, they are an effective deterrent to prevent motorists from driving onto walk areas. In addition, they can help to redirect the vehicles back into the drive path. These structures also help to create functional boundaries. A motorist struggling to parallel park may accidentally hit the kerb – instead of a pedestrian or signpost. As such, damage to the vehicle is minimised while pedestrians are safer when a proper edge is in place.

Benefits in Higher-Speed Areas

In areas where vehicles travel at higher speeds, the structures effectively assist with drainage to help reduce erosion caused by the flow of water. The structures are visible boundaries between the safe walk areas and the road, helping pedestrians to identify where they can safely walk. Kerbs help to prevent lateral displacement of the vehicle path as a result of high traffic volumes and weights. As such, the integrity of the road is improved with the installation of such a structure.

Why Precast Concrete

The precast concrete kerbs available from us are made according to strict quality and safety standards. With standardised measurements, it is easier to calculate infrastructure-development costs than if only working with concrete. The installation is fast, helping to lower the cost of infrastructure development. With the products manufactured according to set procedures and usage of materials, a consistent appearance is possible. The consistency also helps to minimise installation and repair time. Should a section be damaged, it can be replaced without having to replace a long stretch of the kerb.

We offer an extensive range of precast concrete kerbs, which includes:

  • Mountable
  • Semi-mountable
  • Barrier
  • Garden kerb

How the Structures Are Made

Though many methods are used in the manufacturing of such structures, we produce our precast concrete kerbs through a wet-pressed method. This ensures consistency in their strength, length, height, and shape. It also makes it possible to produce large quantities at a lower cost, with the client enjoying the benefit of a lower purchase price. The method is also effective to minimise the risk of colour variations. Installation is thus easier, with consistency in the shape length, height, and material of the kerb pieces.

Benefit from Affordable Prices

Various sizes and styles are available to meet your application requirements. View the range and get in touch for more information about the affordability of our precast concrete kerbs.