What is Bevel Paving?

What Is Bevel Paving?

You have heard of bevel paving, but what is bevel paving? It is a form of paving that uses paving bricks laid in specific patterns to create surfaces for walkways, driveways, and parking lots.

When using concrete or cement, the result is a smooth and uninterrupted surface. However, the use of bricks creates bevelled edges, hence the name. This style of paving promotes water drainage and improves overall grip, making it ideal for outdoor applications. Prime examples are residential driveways.

Now that you know what bevel paving is, consider MVA Bricks’ selection of paving bricks that are ideal for bevelled surfaces. Our bricks are SABS-approved to assure our customers of their quality. We also offer five standard dyes for most of our bricks, with some bricks offering an additional two dyes to choose from. Now that we have established what bevel paving is good for, we can look at the possibilities of the intended surface area using this style of paving. One of the initial steps is to select the ideal brick to suit the project.

Our Bevel brick provides all the right answers for this approach to paving. This brick has a rectangular shape, and is 50 mm thick. It weighs 1,92 kg per brick, paves at 50 bricks per square metre, and ships at 10 m² of bricks per pack. The Bevel is available in Grey, Plum, Black, Clay, and Multi, giving you five dye options to mix and match for 2-tone patterns. With a variety of colours, you can easily match the paved area to its environment and surrounding buildings for a touch of professionalism.

We also offer other options for bevel paving. The Cottage scales up from the Bevel, offering a wider version that is ideal for walkways and gardens. This brick also offers two additional dye colours to choose from, namely Clay Sand and Dark Sand. The Cottage weighs 3,02 kg per brick, paves at 33,3 bricks per m², and ships at 10 m² of bricks per pack. Both the Bevel and Cottage bricks are ideal for a myriad of paved surface areas. They define what bevel paving is by delivering smooth bevelled surfaces to create attractive outdoor paved areas.

MVA Bricks has all the answers to what bevel paving is and how it can be used for specific areas. For more information on our selection of paving bricks, feel free to browse our website for images and specifications on every individual brick. Choose MVA Bricks today and let us be your supplier for your next big bevel paving project.