Waterway Retaining Wall Blocks

Our Solution to CRBs and Their Functions

Concrete retaining-wall blocks (CRBs) are used to build structures that retain soil on a slope that would collapse otherwise. Such a structure allows the soil to settle against it, thereby containing it.

Therefore, the CRBs have hollow sections to let the soil breathe. We have a selection of CRBs designed to offer solutions for natural slopes, retention ponds, and bulkheads. We also offer our Waterway 400 channel block with its unique characteristics. The Waterway is just one of the many brick types we offer.

A retaining wall can be constructed in various ways, depending on its intended function. For the most part, such a structure is nearly vertical to keep the soil in place and ensure that the slope stays intact. This feature is useful when constructing buildings or roads next to or on top of steep slopes that could otherwise collapse, potentially causing irreparable damage, injuries, or even loss of life. Luckily, we have you covered with quality building materials that include blocks for soil and water retention.

Choosing the Ideal CRB

It takes more than just a workforce to construct a concrete retaining wall. The design of the structure is best left to a civil engineer to carefully calculate the load of and slope at which the structure must be built. In accordance with these requirements, the contractor must select the right CRBs for the construction. We offer various options with additional add-ons to give your business a competitive edge. Our first block is the MVA 13. This CRB is rounded with a concave side section to allow for easy interlocking between them. Its shape makes for a particularly aesthetically pleasing structure.

The MVA 7 is another option. It is a rectangular design that is ideal for either open- or closed-faced construction. This retaining wall block has all the standard features that you would expect of a CRB. We also offer the Slider Panel to work in synergy with the MVA 7, should you require a closed-face construction. The Slider Panel is sold separately. Our newest addition is our Waterway 400.The Waterway channels water past structures.

Retention ponds are very useful as well; such structures must be built with strong and durable concrete blocks that can retain water. Bulkheads are another example of how these structures can be used within the construction industry. By retaining water on the one side and soil on the other, a bulkhead structure must withstand pressure from both sides. We supply high-quality construction materials to ensure that your business has the tools to get the job done.

MVA Bricks is your supplier of concrete retaining wall blocks, paving bricks, and concrete kerbs. For more information on our Waterway 400, MVA 7, or MVA 13, please browse our website for images and specifications on each. Choose us today as your supplier of quality concrete building materials.