Top Reasons to Use Concrete Blocks for Paving Projects in South Africa

Concrete blocks are used in segmented paving systems to create a uniform and durable surface overlay. With the superb strength of these concrete blocks, especially when tightly arranged, the paving installed at industrial, commercial, and residential parking areas are hard-wearing, and thus last for many years.

Advantages of Concrete Pavers

Some of the advantages of such concrete pavers are:

  • Versatile layouts are possible
  • Low maintenance needs
  • Wide range of applications
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Quick installation
  • Proven product
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Non-slip surface

Versatile Layouts

The concrete blocks come in different sizes, shapes, and colours. As such, various layouts are possible to meet the aesthetic appeal, colour, and pattern requirements of the client. The streetscape designs possible, are ever-increasing.

Low Maintenance

Because the concrete paver blocks are durable, very little maintenance is required. With the interlocking types, there is no concrete between the pavers. The pavers fit perfectly. If correctly installed, the only maintenance required is that of cleaning. Replacement of a broken block is as straightforward as removing the broken one and replacing it. As such, it is not necessary to remove an entire section to repair a small part of the paving system.

Wide Range of Applications

Concrete blocks are used in a wide range of applications, including slope protection, walk areas, drive areas, erosion control, verandas and more. From usage in the construction of roads in residential estates to streets in industrial areas form part of the product application profile.


The materials from which each block is constructed together with the thickness and shape of the paver make it hard-wearing. When installed in a tight system of pavers, the entire system carries the weight and not just an individual block. A paved area can stay beautiful and strong for years.

Proven Performance

The concrete blocks used for paving and embankment walls have been in use for many years. As such, the products have already been tested in the field and have met requirements regarding durability, performance, aesthetics, and low maintenance.

Quick Installation

Conventional road or tar surface construction entails extensive surface preparation. It is an expensive process that takes far longer to complete than the preparation of the surface and installation of concrete paver blocks.

Non-Slip Surface

For driveways and areas where vehicle traffic must be carried including parking lots, pavers with a slightly rough, but uniform surface are used. This provides for non-slip surfaces, which is especially important in parking areas when it rains.


One has to agree that the blocks provide for a cost-effective solution to create neat and durable driveways, walk areas and more when you consider that these blocks don’t require special coats to make them weather resistant and that they come with the interlock system with no need for cement between the pavers.

Our product range includes:

  • Bevel (200 x 100 x 50 mm)
  • uBuntu Cobble (150 x 50 x 60 mm)
  • Twin Cobble (200 x 100 x 50 mm)
  • Interlock (50 & 60 mm or 80 mm)
  • Cottage (200 x150 x 50 mm)

The concrete paving blocks are SABS approved and thus meet high-quality standards in terms of manufacturing, safety, and materials. Moreover, we offer various colours with the uBuntu Cobble, for instance, available in grey and black.

It is always beneficial to buy from a single supplier as it equals better pricing and lower delivery cost. You will therefore appreciate the fact that we now also supply sand and cement. Apart from such, we supply retaining wall blocks, kerbs, and a range of specialised products.

Where We Are Located

Even though we are located in Pretoria West, delivery forms part of our services.

How to Get a Quote

View the range of concrete blocks and give us a call to discuss your particular paving product needs. We will help you determine which products are the best for the specific project and provide an accurate quote.