The Ideal Concrete Kerb Finish

When looking at paving surfaces, you will often find concrete kerbs along the edges of the surfaces, keeping the paving in place and rounding off the overall look of the paved area. Various paving techniques can result in a plethora of paving surface possibilities, especially when combining different colours for interlocking bricks or adding different styles of paving bricks to the mix.

Should you be looking for a supplier of quality concrete kerbs, MVA Bricks offers a selection of kerbs that will give you various choices of kerbing, whether it is kerbing for street purposes or for backyard residential applications. Our selection of concrete kerbs includes small, medium, and large blocks to cover a wide range of applications, giving you everything you need to complete your kerbing job in style. Today, we will have a closer look at some of the kerbs we offer, as well as how you can implement them in various paving projects for an aesthetically pleasing result.

Our Selection of Concrete Kerbs

Concrete kerbs should not be too obtrusive in the garden. Luckily, MVA offers a Garden kerb, featuring a rounded rectangular design that is only 150 mm in height and 75 mm in width, granting a viable garden concrete kerb option to add to walkways and paving in the backyard of residences. Our 8a mountable concrete kerb is also a viable option for gardens and walkways, offering the same height as the Garden kerb, with a sloped face for easy mounting to avoid any sudden surface level changes. The 8a is 300 mm wide, granting a viable slope that is not too steep to walk or park on, and allowing it to work perfectly with our Garden kerb.

We also offer a variety of Barrier designs, with rounded, rectangular, straight, and sloped versions to choose from in different sizes, as well as Mountable designs to accompany the Barrier selection, giving you the comprehensive choice you need to get the most out of your kerbing jobs and execute them to perfection. No matter which type of concrete kerb you need for your next paving project, MVA Bricks is the supplier that has it all under one roof.

MVA Bricks has a wide variety of concrete kerbs, paving bricks, and retaining wall blocks to choose from. For more information on our selection, feel free to peruse our website for images and details on every brick, kerb, and block we have on offer, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose MVA Bricks as your preferred supplier today.