Semi-Mountable Kerbs

We Have A Variety of Mountable and Semi-Mountable Kerbs

Kerbs come in different shapes and sizes for different uses. The main function of a kerb is not to just line a paved surface, but also provide stability and drainage functionality.

Paved roads and driveways typically have mountable or semi-mountable concrete blocks along their edges. These sloped blocks are made to be readily stepped or driven over. Barrier kerbs, on the other hand, have a simpler, rectangular cross-section. These squared-off, upright blocks create a barrier to optimise the stability of the paved surface.

MVA Bricks features a wide selection of concrete kerb blocks to choose from. These include mountable and barrier blocks, as well as semi-mountable options. Some projects simply require a kerb that is something between a barrier and a mountable kerb – semi-mountable kerbs share qualities of both. Therefore, our slanted kerbs may be just what you need for your next construction project. Today, we turn our attention to what semi-mountable kerbing blocks are ideal for.

The Figure 7 semi-mountable kerb is one of MVA’s particularly versatile kerb variants. Because these blocks are cast in dense concrete, they are of consistent quality and very strong. These concrete-kerb blocks are available in both 1000- and 330-mm lengths, so you don’t have to cut the long blocks when constructing curved sections. The Figure 7 design is 280 mm in height. With a bottom thickness of 180 mm, this kerb has a solid foundation that can be submerged up to the point where the slanted face begins. The top thickness is 75 mm, making for a proper slanting angle to mount relatively easily.

This semi-mountable kerb is ideal for delivering barrier-like qualities in terms of size and weight, but still be mountable. The 1000-mm block weighs a hefty 100 kg per block, with the 330-mm length coming in at 33 kg. As a result, you can have the peace of mind that this kerb is going to remain steadfastly in place once installed. It can therefore also hold an area of paving bricks in place very effectively. The angled face allows for adequate water drainage as well, guiding stormwater down a specified path. As you can see, the semi-mountable Figure 7 is a kerb for almost any environment.

We have the answers to all your concrete-kerb questions. We also offer retaining-wall blocks and paving bricks. For more information on our semi-mountable kerbs, feel free to browse the website for images and dimensions. Contact us directly with any further enquiries and let MVA Bricks be your supplier of construction blocks and paving bricks for your next construction project.