SABS-Approved Retaining Wall Blocks

Quality Equals Safety

Concrete retaining-wall blocks (CRBs) are used to build walls that retain soil. These structures are efficient at holding natural slopes in place and can also be used for retention ponds too.

Since these structures are built using large and heavy concrete blocks, it is pivotal to ensure that the building materials are of the highest quality to prevent structural failure. We offer SABS-approved options in this category, giving our customers the best value. We also feature a selection of other concrete building materials, including paving bricks and kerbs.

Our selection of SABS-approved retaining-wall blocks is ideal for any contractor, as we offer a fine choice. The construction of such walls is very demanding, since a CRB structure requires accuracy and careful planning. A civil engineer is required to draw up plans for such a structure; they must calculate the various loads that affect the structure to find an ideal layout that suits the intended environment and can cope with the anticipated loads. Once the plans have been drawn up, they must be approved by local authorities before construction can begin.

The base of a concrete retaining wall is probably the most important element of the whole structure. The base is created by digging a trench that matches the dimensions in the approved plans. This trench serves as a mould for the foundation of the structure, which can be filled with concrete as well. Once the foundation is in place, the first row of blocks can be placed in accordance with the plans. The structure then rises from the initial row until it reaches the desired height or covers the entire slope. Our selection of SABS-approved products will ensure the quality of your building materials when constructing CRB structures.

The MVA 7 is a rectangular concrete retaining-wall block that is SABS-approved to assure you of its quality. Since we use concrete to cast our building materials, the density and strength of our products are consistent in order to provide the required strength and endurance. We also offer the MVA 13, which is a rounded CRB. Both CRBs have hollowed-out areas to accommodate soil movement within the structure, once complete. Therefore, when constructed correctly, a CRB structure will retain soil as intended for years.

MVA Bricks is your supplier of SABS-approved concrete retaining-wall blocks, paving bricks, and kerbs. For more information on how we can supply you with our products for your next construction project, please browse our website for details on our available products. Choose us today as your supplier and enjoy quality, SABS-approved building materials.