SABS-Approved Concrete Retaining Walls

SABS-Approved Concrete Retaining-Wall Blocks

Retaining walls are constructed with high-density concrete blocks that are specifically designed to retain soil. These structures must be planned and designed by a civil engineer to ensure that they meet building regulations.

When a concrete retaining wall is constructed, it is critical to keep to the design and layout. This will prevent the structure from collapsing, which can cause insurmountable damage due to the heavy building blocks used to construct a CRB. If you need a supplier that can provide SABS-approved blocks for CRBs, MVA Bricks is your answer.

Using high-density concrete, our concrete retaining-wall blocks (CRBs) resist the elements, so they are ideal for almost any type of CRB construction. These structures can also be used for submerged retention ponds at construction sites and for aquaculture farming. By ensuring the quality of our CRBs and submitting them for SABS approval, you can have complete peace of mind. We offer a variety of choices to suit your needs and we can assist with supplying all manner of paving bricks and kerb blocks for your next construction project.

To ensure that a CRB construction meets the building regulations set forth by the SABS and SANS, every wall that retains soil should be designed by a civil engineer. The plans must also be approved before construction can commence. The first step of building a retaining wall is to excavate a trench for its foundation. The foundation must meet the engineer’s stipulated requirements, in terms of both the trench’s width and depth. Once the trench has been excavated, the concrete can be poured into it to form a foundation for the CRB construction. When the foundation has been densified and readied, the first row of CRBs can be placed, as per the design of the engineer.

Concrete retaining walls require precision and attention to detail when constructed. Drainpipes must also be installed at the correct angle to ensure water drainage from the structure by means of positive gravity flow. Every row of CRBs must be installed exactly according to the plans. Using batter frames and strings will help you with alignment when placing the blocks. With our selection of SABS-approved CRBs, you can focus on the task of building the structure correctly as opposed to worrying about the quality of the building materials.

MVA Bricks is your first choice when it comes to SABS-approved concrete retaining-wallblocks. For more information on our products, please browse our website for images, dimensions, weights, and pallet sizes. Have an extensive range of building materials at your disposal with us as your supplier.