SABS-Approved Block Paving

Quality Approved Paving Bricks

Block paving is a method of laying down bricks in a certain pattern to form a paved surface area. This method is commonly used for constructing driveways, parking lots, and walkways.

If you are looking for SABS-approved paving bricks for your next project, MVA Bricks is your preferred supplier. Our range of paving bricks consists of various sizes and colours to choose from. With these bricks, you can create 2-tone patterns and quality paved surfaces that will withstand the test of time.

The art of block paving lies in matching the surface with its surroundings. Whether it is through its colour, pattern, or layout, a paved surface should blend in with its environment and complement it, not detract from it. Our range of SABS-approved bricks caters for almost any environment. With an attractive range of colours available, we make it easy for pavers to buy the perfect bricks for their upcoming projects. Today, we will talk about some of our bricks and the details of each.

Our Selection of SABS-Approved Paving Bricks

Quality will always be an important factor when buying paving blocks from a supplier. The higher the quality of the bricks, the better they will hold up in changing weather conditions and under constant loads. Having the SABS-approved chub on a specific type of brick will instantly assure the paver of its quality and durability. Our selection starts with the Bevel, a versatile paving brick that is ideal for various paved surfaces. The Bevel is 200 mm long, 100 mm wide, and 50 mm tall. This standardised rectangular brick weighs 1,92 kg per brick and paves at 50 bricks per square metre.

Our basic paving block colours are Grey, Plum, Black, Clay, and Multi. The Bevel is available in all these colours, giving you options of 2-tone and multi-coloured layouts. The Bevel ships at 10 m² worth of bricks per pallet and is SABS-approved. If you want a larger paving block for more unique layouts, the Cottage brick is an ideal alternative to the Bevel. The Cottage increases the width of the brick to 150 mm and adds two additional colour choices as well, namely Clay Sand and Dark Sand. This brick weighs in at 3,02 kg per block.

The Cottage brick acts as a wider alternative to standard-sized Bevel brick. We ship this SABS-approved paving block at 10 m² worth of bricks per pallet. Another alternative to the Bevel is our Interlock brick. This brick offers interlocking sides for a more strongly integral and stable paved surface. It is available in bricks that are 50, 60, or 80 mm thick. So, if you need a sensible selection of SABS-approved quality paving blocks for your next project, choose us as your supplier and reap the benefits.

MVA Bricks offers a solid selection of paving blocks, concrete retaining wall blocks, and concrete kerb blocks. For more info on our SABS-approved bricks, please browse our website for images and specifications. Choose us today as your supplier of bricks and concrete blocks and have the peace of mind that your next project will be of the highest standard.