Retaining Walls

Introduction to Two Types of Concrete Blocks for Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are constructed from specially manufactured concrete retaining-wall blocks, also known as CRBs. We mould the blocks from concrete for optimal strength and the correct density for soil and water retention. The concrete blockscontain hollow areas to allow sufficient soil and water movement.

The units are used to create retaining walls along steep embankments with the purpose of preventing landslides. These walls are frequently constructed at areas where infrastructure such as roads are at risk of damage due to landslides. Such walls are also constructed on slopes containing built structures. We briefly look at two of the concrete block types used for retaining walls, namely the MVA 7 and the MVA 13.


The block is rectangular and also features the hollow section for soil movement and settlement. It is heavier in weight than the MVA 13. Its shape makes it well-suited to open or close-faced wall construction. Its weight is 38 kg per block and the units are delivered at 36 blocks per pallet. These blocks can be used for wall faces with angles from 60 to 85 degrees. As the name suggests, on average, seven blocks are placed per square metre, though it is possible with certain configurations to get as many as 10 blocks per square metre. For closed-faceconstruction, we suggest using the MVA-7 with the Slider Panel, which is sold separately.

MVA 13

The block is interlocking, made possible by its rounded shape combined with a concave side. It has a hollow section for soil movement and settlement. The MVA 13 can carry heavy loads. The shape adds to its aesthetic appeal, making it well-suited to commercialsettings. It has a weight of 32 kg per block. Also delivered at 36 blocks per pallet, the blocks can be used for construction where the wall faces are at angles of between 60° and 90°. An engineered 90° option is available.

Why Buy from Us

All our products meet SABS requirements. As such, you have the assurance of quality, consistency in performance, and standardised features according to set standards. We have a proven track record of delivering a range of concrete blocks for large projects, many of which are specifically for retaining walls. We also offer you installation guides and manuals for free, which you can download from our website.

Our firm has a history dating back to 1995, with client projects such as the new Builders Warehouse development in Midrand and Cummins Southern African Regional Distribution Centre and Filtration Plant, to name only two of the projects. Our clients range from residential estate developers and schools to sports facilities, shopping centres, and road-construction firms, among many others. We have, for instance, delivered 3400 and 8000 CRBs respectively to two separate sites in Mpumalanga with a delivery of 24 000 blocks for retaining-wall construction at Courier Guys Phase 2, a prominent distribution centre in Gauteng.

Our product offering is extensive to ensure we can meet client needs. Everything from concrete blocks for retaining walls to blocks specifically for paving form part of our portfolio. View our product section and contact us for pricing and order information.