Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall Blocks from MVA Bricks

A retaining wall is an important feature of many a construction yard. These walls are usually built to keep natural slopes at bay. This prevents landslides from causing structural damage to roads or buildings next to the retaining wall.

These walls can also be submerged to create retention ponds, which is a requirement for construction sites. Retention ponds allow for proper water drainage at construction sites. They can also be used as aquaculture ponds to promote submerged aquatic fungal growth.

Retaining walls are a common sight along mountain passes in South Africa. These walls are constructed with concrete retaining blocks that feature hollow shells to retain moving ground. This allows the wall to arrest any ground movement and avoid the ground from sliding down on the roads. As a result, casting the construction blocks in concrete ensures a strong structure for these walls. Today, we will focus on some viable options for retaining walls from MVA Bricks.

Our Selection of Concrete Retaining-Wall Blocks

Retaining walls can be used in almost any environment where a slope must be kept in place. Retention ponds also play a vital role for water drainage in many construction scenarios. Therefore, an extensive selection of wall blocks is required to fit each type of use and construction requirement. Our selection starts with the MVA 13. This concrete block has a rounded face and hollow body, with a straight rear to simplify wall construction and ensure integrity. It also has a concave side to allow for easy side stacking.

The MVA 13 weighs 32 kg per block, resulting in a strongly integral retaining wall. With the attractive, rounded face, the MVA 13 is an ideal choice for residential areas as well, ensuring that the wall adds aesthetic value. The MVA 13 ships at 36 blocks per pallet. If you are looking for a rectangular block, our MVA 7 delivers a suitable option. This concrete block features a raised face to optimise ground retention, as well as an optional Slider Panel for giving you the option of a closed-faced retaining wall. The MVA 7 weighs 38 kg per block and ships at 36 blocks per pallet.

At MVA Bricks, we offer a wide range of paving bricks, concrete kerbs, and concrete retaining-wall blocks to choose from. We can supply your business with the required construction blocks for your next construction project. Feel free to peruse our website for details on these retaining-wall blocks. They are ideal options for both submerged retention ponds and regular slope-retaining walls.