Retaining Wall Suppliers

We Are Suppliers of CRB Walls

CRBs, or concrete retaining-wall blocks, are used in the construction of retaining walls and retention ponds. These blocks are made from concrete for maximum strength. The concrete has a very high density to prevent it from absorbing water and swelling.

MVA Bricks is one of the top suppliers of concrete retaining-wall blocks and can supply everything you need for the construction of these walls and submerged ponds.

A concrete retaining wall can be constructed in a variety of configurations, depending on the terrain and overall function of the wall. Commonly, these walls are found in undulating areas to keep a slope from collapsing onto adjacent roads or buildings. In South Africa, retaining walls are usually seen on mountain roads and heavily built-up areas. Retention ponds also have a function on construction sites, as it is mandatory to provide for some form of rainwater drainage on such a site. Therefore, CRBs are used for almost every construction project. As suppliers of the building materials for retaining walls, MVA Bricks offers a selection of CRBs. With these blocks, it is possible to construct a strongly integral retaining wall or retention pond.

Our range begins with the MVA 13. This CRB has a rounded shape with a concave side to allow for the blocks to interlock. It is also hollow to retain ground. This CRB offers aesthetic value, as the hollows can make suitable beddings for a variety of plants. As a result, the MVA 13 is an ideal retaining wall in residential and commercial settings. MVA Bricks also supplies other CRB options. Our Lok Block is a rectangular interlocking design that can be used as a barrier-type retaining wall. This block goes with the Base Block, which serves as a base for the Lok Blocks to rest on. The Base and Lok interlock with each other to form a solid and stable retaining wall. We also supply the MVA 7 that features a face panel. This rectangular block is particularly attractive to look at and, with our optional Slider Panel installed, an MVA 7 retaining wall can be converted into a closed-face wall.

If your business needs an experienced supplier of retaining-wall blocks, MVA Bricks is the answer. We are experts in the manufacture of CRB wall components and can supply the necessary building materials to construct walls and ponds at construction sites. For more information, please contact us directly with enquiries surrounding our CRB selection. Choose us for your next construction project.