Retaining Wall Construction Company

Our Company Supplies A Variety of Concrete Retaining-Wall Blocks

Concrete retaining-wall blocks (CRBs) are used to construct retaining walls that keep natural slopes at bay or create a soil-retention solution. These blocks can also be used to build retention ponds for aquaculture farms or at construction sites too.

By using concrete to cast these blocks, we ensure that they are tough, with an excellent resistance to the elements that meet or exceed the required standards. To this end, our products are SABS-approved. If you are a company that needs a supplier of CRBs, we offer a selection of these blocks to choose from.

With the construction of a retaining wall, certain requirements must be met to ensure that the structure is sound. The collapse of such a structure can have devastating consequences and cause severe damage and even loss of life. If your company wants to erect a wall or soil-retaining structure, it is a regulatory requirement that plans are drawn up and approved beforehand – and before construction can commence. A civil engineer draws up such plans to ensure that the structure will be stable when dealing with all the different loads that it is likely to encounter when it is finished.

Once the plans have been drawn up and approved, your company can go ahead with the construction process. A retaining wall requires a solid foundation on which it can be built. Since each layer of the structure depends on the integrity of the previous layer, it is pivotal to ensure that the base layer is strong and stable. The use of heavy building blocks also assists in the overall stability of the finished structure. Following the correct planning and construction procedures, the structure will serve its purpose as a soil-retention solution for a long time to come.

We offer a selection of concrete retaining-wall blocks that are ideal for any construction company. The MVA 7 is a standard rectangularly shaped block with two hollowed-out areas. This block has an attractive face to make for an aesthetically pleasing wall structure. However, it can also be converted into a closed-face wall with the addition of the Slider Panel block. Alternatively, our MVA 13 delivers a rounded shape that can be used for open-faced structures as well.

MVA Bricks delivers a comprehensive range of concrete building blocks for your construction company. We offer paving bricks, kerb blocks, and concrete retaining-wall blocks to ensure that you have quality building materials for your next project. For more information on these and other products, please browse our website for specifications on each.