Retaining-Wall Blocks for Sale

Quality Concrete Retaining-Wall Blocks for Sale

Concrete retaining-wall blocks, or CRBs for short, are specifically designed to build walls that retain soil. They can also be used for retention ponds on construction sites or in aquaculture farming.

CRBs are commonly cast with a high density to optimise their resistances against different forces and the elements. Rainwater can cause a low-density concrete block to shrink, while constant exposure to heat can cause it to expand. Therefore, they have to be cast at the right density to avoid shrinkage and expansion.

MVA Bricks offers a selection of concrete retaining-wall blocks for sale. We also offer other building materials such as paving bricks and concrete kerbs. CRBs are heavy but its weight is to the benefit of a structure retainingsoil. If your business needs a supplier that can deliver a variety of designs to suit your needs, we can make that happen. Today, we will talk about different CRBs and how they can be used for keeping natural slopes at bay.

Our Selection of CRBs

Concrete retaining walls are built to keep a sloped landmass from collapsing onto a road or building either below or next to the structure. They can also be used as struts to keep a landmass from collapsing, should there be a structure sitting on top of a small elevation. Retention ponds are also a necessity at most construction sites and ponds can also be used to house various aquatic flora, making them ideal for aquaculture functions. We offer a selection of these blocks for sale, giving you enough to choose from to find the perfect design for your needs. Since such a structure retains soil, a civil engineer is required to draw up the plans and get them approved before construction can commence, no matter how tall the wall is.

Our selection of concrete blocks starts with the MVA 7. This CRB has a rectangular shape with two hollowed-out sections and a front face. It has interlocking ability as well and can easily be used for either open- or closed-face construction. We offer the Slider Panel to convert the MVA 7 into a closed-face construction. Therefore, you can use this CRB in various ways.

The MVA 13 has a different design, with a rounded body and a concave side to allow interlocking between blocks. A retaining wall built using this CRB also looks different from one built using the MVA 7, so we offer this rounded block for sale to give you more options in terms of retaining-wall construction. With a flat back and a concave side, these CRBs are easy to lay and interlock, resulting in a solid structure for soil retention. We also offer other options that include our Lok Block.

MVA Bricks is your supplier of quality retaining-wall blocks and other useful building materials. We offer a large selection for saleto our customers, ensuring that you have access to quality building materials. For more information on our paving bricks, concrete kerbs, or CRBs, please browse our website for images and details on pallet sizes and weights. Choose us as your supplier of quality building materials today and enjoy the assurance of SABS-approved products.