Retaining Wall Blocks for Sale

CRBs for Sale for Constructing Various Retaining Walls

Concrete retaining-wall blocks (CRBs) are moulded from concrete to ensure that they are amply strong and dense to retain soil and water. They have hollow sections to allow for soil movement and they are commonly used along roads that are built next to steep slopes to prevent any landslides that could damage infrastructure or put the lives of people travelling on such a road in danger.

They are also used to ensure that such a slope does not collapse when a structure is built on top of it. We have a couple of CRB shape and profile options for sale.

Concrete is a versatile building material, as it can be moulded into a variety of useful shapes like slabs and building blocks. It is also used to anchor posts and secure them in place in the ground. Our range of high-density retaining-wall blocks has the necessary strength and durability builders demand. We also offer concrete kerbs and paving bricks for sale to round out the selection of building materials that we can supply to your business.

Where to Start with Retaining-Wall Construction

The first step of constructing a concrete retaining wall that will withstand the test of time and serve its purpose is the design and layout of such a structure. This is best left to a civil engineer who can calculate the various forces that bear on the structure. In accordance with their calculations, a design and plan will be drawn up. These plans must be approved before construction can commence. Of course, you need the building blocks to get the job done and this is where our range delivers quality options for your business.

We begin with the MVA 13. This retaining-wall block is rounded in shape and has a concave side to allow for interlocking. We also offer the MVA 7 for sale that has a rectangular shape instead. Both are feasible options, depending on your requirements. They have hollow sections as well to allow the soil to settle and move. Now that everything is set, you can commence building the structure itself.

This process begins on the ground, where a trench must be dug in accordance with the plans of the engineer. This trench is to create a concrete slab on which the retaining wall will rest. Once the slab has settled and is ready, the first row or layer of the blocks can be laid. It is important to keep water drainage in mind as you build the structure. Therefore, you must incorporate drainage as you layer on the CRBs during construction. Another pivotal aspect of such a structure is to follow the slope set out by the engineer. Otherwise, the structure can collapse. All that remains is for you to choose the ideal CRB from the ones we have for sale.

MVA Bricks is your supplier of concrete building materials such as retaining-wall blocks, paving bricks, and kerbs. For more on the products we have for sale, please browse our website for pictures and specifications. Choose us today and enjoy a selection of high-quality concrete building materials for your next construction project.