Retaining Wall

Uses for Retaining Walls

Construction contractors are familiar with the use of retaining walls. These structures are built using concrete retaining-wall bricks (CRBs) that are installed one row at a time.

CRBs are available in different shapes and sizes for different uses. We offer a sensible selection of these building blocks, along with our selection of concrete paving blocks and kerbs. By using concrete to manufacture our building blocks, we can supply quality building materials for your business.

Retaining walls are designed and built to retain soil on a natural or man-made slope. Therefore, CRBs have hollowed sections to allow for some soil movement within the structure. The design of these blocks is crucial to the functionality of such a structure. Without any room for soil movement, the structure would be under higher loads and there would be a risk of it collapsing. As a result, construction of such a structure has to start with a civil engineer drawing up plans and getting them approved beforehand. The angle, height, and length of the structure must be calculated in accordance with the location of the planned installation. Once these plans are approved, construction can commence.

Our Selection of CRBs

Concrete retaining-wall blocks are large and heavy construction blocks with interlocking features. These blocks are of standardised shapes and sizes to adhere to the industry’s building conventions and standards. They can also be used to construct retention ponds. These ponds are mainly used for aquaculture purposes, as the hollow sections in the CRBs are ideal for algae growth. These ponds may also be a requirement at certain construction sites. Moving on to our selection of CRBs, we offer a couple of options that will ensure that you can get the job done with quality building materials.

The MVA 7 is a rectangular CRB with two hollow sections and a front-facing bevelled side section. This CRB weighs a substantial 38 kg per block. It ships at 36 blocks per pallet and can be used for both open- and closed-face configurations. For closed-faced retaining walls, the gaps between the blocks are covered with special concrete panels. Our Slider Panel is designed specifically to work in conjunction with the MVA 7 for closed-face layouts. Therefore, you already have a solution if there is such a requirement in one of your projects.

The MVA 13 has a rounded shape with a large hollow section and a concave side for interlocking purposes. This CRB is a feasible alternative to the rectangular shape of the MVA 7, creating a different, more rounded aesthetic. The hollow section in this CRB is perfect for an open-faced layout. If you need a solution for aquaculture retention ponds or a retaining wall within a residential estate, the MVA 13 is a smart choice. This block ships at 36 blocks per pallet and weighs 32 kg per block.

MVA Bricks is your supplier of CRBs for the construction of retaining walls and retention ponds. We also sell a variety of concrete paving blocks and kerbs. For more information on our construction products, please browse our website for details on each individual block and brick. Choose us as your supplier of concrete building materials today.