Quality Retaining Wall Blocks

Retaining walls are a common sight in road construction in South Africa, especially where the roads run along mountains and the risk of landslides is high. Retaining walls can limit the risk of landmasses collapsing, keeping the slope intact with sound structural integrity and basically forming part of the landmass itself when built correctly. These walls can also be used in various construction projects where buildings face the risk of landslide damage when built directly next to a slope, adding aesthetically pleasing elements to the slope, while reducing the risk of a landslide damaging the building.

As a result, retaining walls are ideal where a sloped landmass might pose unnecessary risks to construction projects. Should you be looking for a supplier that offers quality retaining wall blocks, MVA Bricks has what you need, with a range of designs to fit your preferences and environment, reducing the risk of a collapsing landmass and ensuring a stable slope that stays intact for years to come. Today, we will have a closer look at our selection of retaining wall blocks, with a brand-new design on the horizon that will offer even more options for our clients.


MVA Bricks’ Selection of Retaining Wall Blocks

These blocks interlock with each other for maximum strength and structural integrity. We start with our MVA 13, which is a hollowed, round design with a concave side to allow for interlocking, while the rear of the block offers a flat face to easily be stacked against or on top of each other. The MVA 13 is 225 mm tall, 340 mm long, and 425 mm wide, weighing 32 kg per block and shipping at 36 blocks per pallet. The MVA 13 is a popular choice thanks to its attractive appearance, offering a viable option for the residential environment.

When it comes to a rectangular design, our MVA 7 offers a viable solution, with two hollowed-out rectangular sections and a block face for easy interlocking from any angle. The MVA 7 is 180 mm tall, 300 mm wide, and 470 mm long, with the front face being 210 mm tall for retaining purposes. This block weighs 38 kg per unit and ships at 36 blocks per pallet.

We also offer the Slider Panel, which can be used with the MVA 7, depending on the configuration of the retaining wall. The Slider Panel, sold separately, is 175 mm tall, 40 mm thick, and 395 mm long, and works very well in conjunction with the MVA 7, turning it into a closed-face retaining wall. The Slider Panel weighs 6,5 kg per slider and ships at 72 sliders per pallet. Our Lok Block will be launching soon, granting a unique design for vertical interlocking that will be ideal for various retaining wall configurations.

MVA Bricks offers a variety of retaining wall blocks to choose from. Should you want more information on these blocks, feel free to peruse our website for details and images, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. We also offer a variety of paving bricks and concrete kerbs, giving the professional paver a comprehensive choice of products to choose from.