Quality Paving Slabs

Paving slabs are incredibly versatile in terms of use, layout, and design, making them effective and viable options for use around your home or commercial buildings to avoid walking in mud, which comes in handy when the rains come down. These slabs can be arranged to fit perfectly against each other for a solid paving surface, or can be spaced with gaps between them for a different stylistic approach, making room for grass to grow between the slabs for a more natural look.

Various paving patterns can also be used, as well as combining different colours for unique results. MVA Bricks offers a selection of paving blocks that can easily be used as slabs for various applications, with a selection of colours to fit your preference and environment. These paving blocks have unique shapes to ensure easy paving and stylish results and today, we will focus on the various shapes available from MVA Bricks.


The Bevel

Delivering a very simplistic style of brick that can be used as paving slabs, the Bevel has straight sides with bevelled top edges to ensure that paving job is simple and easy. The Bevel brick’s dimensions are 50 x 100 x 200 mm, resulting in 50 bricks per m² and 10 m² per pallet. The available colours are grey, plum, black, clay, and multi, giving you some options for 2-tone paving, as opposed to only having singular colour options for areas such as residential driveways.


The Twin Cobble

The Twin Cobble has the same dimensions and simple design as the Bevel, providing two distinct cobble-like blocks on top of the brick instead of a singular bevelled edge block. Ideal for laying paving slabs that are intended to be walked on instead of driving or parking, the cobble blocks provide a more grippy surface to ensure that they are easy to walk on and provide a secure footing when wet.


The Interlock

This style of brick has sides that interlock, with a smooth top to minimise brick movement once paving slabs have been laid, making them ideal for vehicles to drive and park on. The Interlock is a viable option for driveways, with a 50- and 80-mm option to ensure that you can pick the ideal brick size for the intended purpose. The Interlock is available in grey, plum, black, clay, and multi, giving you five colours to match your preference.


The Cottage

Offering a simplistic design with a bigger surface area, the Cottage makes for versatile paving slabs. The dimensions are 50 x 150 x 200 mm, resulting in 33,3 bricks per m². They are supplied in 10-m² pallets. There are even more colour choices, with clay sand and dark sand being added to the selection, making the Cottage brick a viable choice for paving slabs to create aesthetically pleasing walkways.

MVA Bricks has a selection of paving blocks and slabs available, as well as kerbs and retaining wall blocks to add to our repertoire of quality bricks. For more information, feel free to browse our webpage for images and details on our available selection, or contact us directly with any enquiries.