Quality Kerbing

When it comes to finding the ideal kerbs for paving projects, a couple of factors will determine which kerbs will ultimately suit the finished project best. A high-rise kerb ably serves as a barrier kerb, keeping rainwater runoff at bay and serving as a miniature retaining wall for keeping higher levels of ground in place, making them ideal for residential driveways and public walkways.

If you are looking for a selection of barrier kerb types, MVA Bricks offers what you need, with a variety of kerbs to complement our range of paving bricks and retaining wall blocks. Our kerbs are SABS-approved, giving our clients the peace of mind that we offer only the best quality kerbs for sale, with a selection of mountable, garden, and barrier kerbs to choose from. We offer kerbs in 1-m and 330-mm sections, giving you the necessary means to make everything fit together and look professional when the project is completed. Today, we will have a closer look at our barrier kerbs, featuring our Figure 3 barrier kerb and similar profiles.


Our Selection of Barrier Kerbs


Starting with the basic design, our Figure 10 barrier kerb offers a tall, rectangular kerb ideal for directing stormwater in rainy seasons and ensuring that your paving stays in place when using the Figure 10 barrier for the edges. Coming in at 250 mm in height and 100 mm in width, the Figure 10 barrier offers a solid kerb with 330- and 1000-mm lengths to choose from. Should you be looking for a thicker version, our Figure 2 (13) barrier kerb increases the width to 125 mm for an even stronger kerb. Our Figure 5a barrier kerb is taller and is ideal for driveways.


The Figure 3 barrier kerb is the best of both worlds, offering a tall, thick, and sloped barrier kerb, ideal in most settings for paving projects. The Figure 3 barrier kerb is 300 mm tall, 150 mm wide at the base, and available in lengths of 330 mm and 1000 mm. The 330-mm variant weighs 33 kg per block and ships at 36 kerbs per pallet, with the 1000-mm variant weighing 100 kg per block and shipping at 12 kerbs per pallet. Should you be looking for the ideal barrier kerb for a driveway, the Figure 3 barrier kerb is a viable option, giving you more than enough kerb to recess the bottom of the kerb, with the sloped part above the ground for a professional and sturdy result. In the end, you cannot go wrong with choosing the Figure 3 barrier kerb for your next paving project.


We offer a variety of paving bricks, retaining wall blocks, and kerbs to choose from. For more information on our selection of products, feel free to peruse our website for images and details, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose MVA Bricks for your next project and experience a wide range of choices to ensure that your project turns out professionally and looks great.