Quality Kerb Producers Gauteng

We Are A Producer of Quality Kerbs in Gauteng

Kerbs are used for lining suburban roads, public-park walkways, garden footpaths, and paved surfaces. With kerb producers in Gauteng producing a myriad of different kerb designs, each serving a specific purpose, it is vital to install the correct concrete kerb for your application.

Concrete is used because of the material’s ease of manufacture and strength. Concrete products retain their shape and size in all weather conditions and is a quality material preferred by producers of all types of kerbs.

MVA Bricks is a quality kerb producer in Gauteng. Our range is not limited to concrete kerbs either; we produce a variety of concrete retaining-wall blocks and paving bricks as well. With a choice of designs, variants, and sizes, you are bound to find the ideal paving brick, kerb, or retaining-wall block for your next construction project. Today, we will focus on our kerbs, their designs, and how they can deliver the required solutions for paved areas and roads.

The Ideal Kerb

As quality kerb producers in Gauteng, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive range. We offer a total of ten SABS-approved kerb designs to choose from, including barrier, mountable, and semi-mountable concrete-kerb options. Our concrete kerbs can withstand any type of weather and do their job reliably for years on end. A typical barrier design is tall and rectangular to serve as a barrier to direct stormwater and contain soil movement. These kerbs are also useful for keeping paving blocks in place and ease stormwater drainage on the edges of paved surfaces.

We are producers of four types of barrier kerbs and these concrete blocks are ideal for semi-submerged installations to provide optimal stability. The Figure 2 (13) Barrier is 250 mm high and 125 mm wide. The other three designs are slanted barrier kerbs. They are slightly thinner at the top, thanks to the slanting top half. All of them are 300 mm high. The Figure 5a is 75 thick at the base and 62 mm at the top. These measurements for the Figure 5b and Figure 3 derivatives are 100/75 mm and 150/125 mm respectively.

Mountable and semi-mountable kerbs are more triangular in shape, offering a flatter slant that is easy to mount with a car wheel. They are used at roads, driveways, and parking lots where cars must be able to mount them easily and without damage. Being produced as a concrete casting, our range of high-density mountable kerbs are very durable and they can withstand Gauteng’s unpredictable weather and the constant pounding of heavy vehicles that drive onto or over them for years. Mountable kerbs are nearly as effective for water drainage as barrier kerbs. These kerbs are commonly found at suburban roads and residential driveways.

We are producers of quality concrete kerbs, retaining-wall blocks, and paving bricks in Gauteng. Our varied selection will ensure that you will be able to find the ideal bricks and construction blocks for your next construction project. Please peruse our website for details on dimensions and packaging information. Choose MVA Bricks as your supplier today and take advantage of our range of quality concrete kerbs and other construction blocks.