Concrete Curbs Available at MVA Bricks

Concrete curbs can be seen almost anywhere – on the side of the roads in residential areas, on the perimeters of parking lots, and almost anywhere else where paving and roads are found. Concrete curbs can also be used for various aesthetic purposes, including the linings of gardens and walkways in residential yards, public gardens, and parks.

Should you be looking for a supplier of quality concrete curb blocks, MVA Bricks is where you will find a comprehensive selection of designs to fit your project. Whether you are laying down some driveway pavement and need curbs to finish everything off, or doing a simple walkway for the garden in your yard, these concrete curb blocks are ideal for many uses in the paving industry.


Our Selection of Concrete Curb Blocks

MVA Bricks’ selection of concrete curb blocks starts with the simplistic Barrier, offering a rectangular design with a rounded edge on top. The dimensions of the regular Barrier are 1000 × 250 × 100 mm, available at 20 curbs per pallet and weighing in at 57 kg per concrete block. We also offer a shorter Barrier block for those tricky areas where you need smaller pieces to fit a frame around some paving, with the shorter version offering a 330 × 250 × 100 mm concrete block that weighs in at 19 kg per curb and is supplied at 60 blocks per pallet.

We also offer a mountable concrete block to ensure that cars and similar vehicles can easily drive onto the curb face without damaging their wheels or suspension. Our 8a mountable concrete curb block’s dimensions are 1000 × 300 × 150 mm, granting a slope of 100 mm in height and 275 mm in width. This block weighs 73 kg per block, being supplied at twelve curbs per pallet, and available in a shorter 330-mm length to ensure that you can curb the outsides of parking lots perfectly.

We also offer a Garden concrete block, with the dimensions coming in at 1000 × 150 × 75 mm, ideal for smaller garden curb projects as well as walkways in and around your yard. It weighs 27 kg per block and is available in a 330-mm length.

MVA Bricks has a wide selection of paving blocks, concrete curbs, and retaining wall blocks to choose from. If you are looking for more information about our products, feel free to peruse our website at your leisure, or contact us directly for any further enquiries. Let MVA Bricks be your supplier of any and all paving and concrete blocks for your future projects.