Quality Approved Kerbs

When it comes to paving projects, you need quality kerbs to round off the edges of a paved driveway, parking lot, walkway, or road. Kerbs need to be built for toughness and durability, while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing design to blend with the setting. With a plethora of possibilities when paving, kerbs sometimes need to be mountable, allowing vehicles to drive over or up against them without damaging the kerb in the process, or people to comfortably step over them when walking..

In terms of quality assurance, the SABS has thorough approval processes to ensure that all the products wearing their sign offer high levels of quality and durability throughout their lifespan. Should you be looking for SABS-approved concrete kerbs for your next paving project, MVA Bricks can offer a wide variety to suit your preferences, with various styles and sizes available in our selection to give you the ideal design to fit in a specific environment. Concrete is used to create our range of SABS-approved kerbs, so you can be assured that our products are sturdy and durable, ready to withstand the test of time and offer durable edges for your paving project. Let us have a closer look at our range and how it can take your paving project to the next level.


MVA Bricks’ Selection of SABS-Approved Kerbs

Our SABS-approved kerbs include a variety of different designs to give you a comprehensive choice. Starting with our Barrier model, we offer a rectangular design that is 250 mm tall and 100 mm thick. In terms of length, we offer a choice between a 330- and 1000-mm block, giving you the ideal sizes for smaller areas as well. The 330-mm version weighs 19 kg per block and ships at 60 kerbs per pallet, with the 1000-mm version weighing 57 kg and shipping at 20 kerbs per pallet. We also offer a Barrier kerb with a thickness of 125 mm, should you be looking for a heavier-duty kerb.

Sticking with our rectangular designs, we offer the Garden kerb, which is our third and final rectangular design, along with our Barrier variants. The Garden kerb is a smaller barrier that works well with walkways and residential applications. This block is only 150 mm tall and 75 mm thick, with a choice of 330- and 1000-mm lengths to ensure that you can cover every area you wish. Both our Barrier models are SABS-approved kerbs and the durability of these blocks makes for a viable kerbing solution for all your future paving projects. MVA Bricks also offers a variety of retaining wall blocks and paving bricks to choose from, giving any paver a comprehensive selection with everything they need to complete various projects.

Should you be looking for SABS-approved kerbs, MVA Bricks offers a variety of designs to choose from. For more information on our kerbs, retaining wall blocks, or paving bricks, feel free to peruse our website for images and details, or contact us directly with enquiries. Choose MVA Bricks for all your paving needs and take your business to the next level with our selection of products.