Paving Slabs

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Paving slabs come in a multitude of layouts, patterns, colours, and shapes. Whether it is an addition to a garden, a public walkway, or a parking lot, paving offers solutions for a variety of surfaces.

Therefore, paving block suppliers should offer a variety of options to suit the requirements of the paver or contractor. MVA Bricks offers a selection SABS-approved paving bricks. Our bricks come in different shapes, sizes, and colours to give you an extensive selection of options to choose from.

When we look at different layouts and patterns for paving slabs, the outcome should always be in harmony with its environment. For garden slabs, the possibilities are endless, allowing for multi-colour layouts and aesthetically pleasing results. Parking lots, on the other hand, are mostly function over form. Thus, these paving slabs need thicker and more durable bricks to ensure the integrity of the surface over a long time. At MVA Bricks, we can supply a variety of paving blocks to suit your construction requirements and preferences.

Paving Slabs Simplified

Using the correct building materials to create paving slabs makes for a better final result. If the surface will be walked or driven on, it should have the structural integrity to handle the intended loads for decades. Our selection of paving blocks starts with the basic and standard Bevel brick. This brick offers a rectangular shape with a bevelled face to result in a smooth paving-slab surface. We offer the Bevel in our five standard colour options, which consists of Grey, Plum, Black, Clay, and Multi. This brick weighs 1,92 kg per block, paves at 50 bricks per m², and ships at 10 m² worth of brick per pack.

Interlocking bricks are also commonly used to create a plethora of paving slabs. This is where our Interlock brick comes in with its interlocking sides. The Interlock brick offers a choice between 50-, 60-, and 80-mm thicknesses. This brick paves at 48 bricks per m² and is available in the standard colours. The 50- and 60-mm options ship at 10,4 m² worth of bricks per pack. The 80-mm option ships at 7,4 m² of bricks per pack.

MVA Bricks offers an extensive selection of concrete construction blocks, including bricks for paving slabs, concrete kerb blocks, and retaining-wall blocks. If you need more information on our selection of construction blocks, please peruse our website. Let MVA Bricks be your supplier of quality paving slabs to take your next project to the next level in quality.