Paving Blocks and Kerbs

MVA Bricks focuses on producing quality paving blocks, kerbs, and retaining walls for brick pavers in and around Pretoria, with a couple of colour options available for our paving bricks to give our customers a variety of choices. A combination of our paving blocks and kerbs can result in aesthetically pleasing areas for driveways and parking spaces, while our retaining blocks can be used to construct sturdy and strong retaining walls for mountain passes to mitigate the risk of soil being forced onto the flat, levelled surfaces where roads or buildings are constructed.

Brick pavers usually have a choice between four uniquely designed paving blocks at MVA Bricks, with a selection of ten types of kerb to match our bricks, for a comprehensive range of quality products. Let’s jump in and find out what our selection of paving blocks entails.


Paving Blocks

Our selection of paving blocks offers four unique designs to suit almost any environment, capable of fitting perfectly next to each other to make life easier for brick pavers. We start with the Bevel – the simplest form of a paving block and a popular choice among brick pavers. With a rectangular design that has smooth sides and a bevelled top, this paving block is ideal for various applications and available in five colours: grey, plum, black, clay, and multi.

Our Twin Cobble has the same dimensions and rectangular design as the Bevel, and is a double cobble-like block with a rugged, uneven top for a grippier surface. The Twin Cobble is available with the same five colour choices and is ideal for walking surfaces. Our Interlock has interlockable sides for a secure fit between the bricks, minimising the amount of slip that can occur once the paving is complete, and making brick pavers’ jobs to line up the blocks easier. The Interlock is also available in our selection of five colours.

The Cottage provides a bigger design of paving block with more colours options. It offers a 50-mm increase in width compared to the Bevel, with an addition of two colours – clay sand and dark sand – available to choose from. The Cottage is ideal for paving slabs to form beautiful walkways, with the option to space these blocks out for more creative layouts.

MVA bricks is any brick paver’s dream regarding the supply of quality bricks in various designs and colours. For more information, feel free to browse our webpage for details and images on every available product, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose us for your next paving project and experience the quality of our bricks for yourself.