MVA’s Bevel Paving Bricks Explained in Greater Detail

Bevel paving is commonly used for residential and commercial driveways and parking lots. With strong and durable bricks forming a surface for vehicles to drive and park on, bevel paving has grown in popularity over the years, offering an economical and aesthetically pleasing solution that can last for years. Various patterns and colours can also be used, with pavers getting creative to ensure that the resulting surface does not only stay firmly in place but is also appealing to the eye.

Commonly, surfaces consist of two colours of bevel paving bricks, displaying a pleasing pattern. Many other patterns have been used to incorporate multiple colours for specifically planned layouts in the commercial sector and can be found all over the world if you care to look around. When it comes to bevel paving, having different styles of bevelled bricks available in various colours is what MVA Bricks offers our customers. With this comprehensive selection, you can plan ahead and ensure that your bevel paving project turns out exactly as you imagined it. Today, we will focus on MVA Bricks’ selection of bevel paving bricks and available colours.


MVA’s Bevel Paving Bricks Explained in Greater Detail

Starting with our basic Bevel paving brick, we offer a simplistic take on a bevel brick that features a standard rectangular shape and bevelled top to assure a smooth surface when the paving is complete. This brick’s dimensions are 200 × 100 × 50 mm, weighing 1,92 kg per brick, and shipping at 10 m² per pack. There are 50 bricks per square metre and they are available in Grey, Plum, Black, Clay, and Multi, to give our customers a comprehensive selection.

Should you be interested in a bigger bevel paving brick for gardening or walkway purposes, we offer the Cottage brick that can be defined as a wider Bevel. The Cottage’s dimensions are 200 × 150 × 50 mm, giving wider coverage than the regular Bevel and weighing 3,02 kg per block. This bricks paves at 33,3 blocks per square metre and ships in 10-m² packs, with Clay Sand and Dark Sand being added to the selection of colours.

If you are looking for a squared bevel paving brick, the new uBuntu Cobble™ brick offers a square shape with a 10-mm increase in height compared to the Bevel and Cottage options. The overall dimensions of this brick are 150 × 150 × 60 mm, weighing 2,6 kg per block, and shipping at 9 m² per pack. The colour choices for the uBuntu Cobble are Grey and Black.

MVA Bricks offers a wide selection of bevel paving bricks, kerbs, and concrete retaining wall blocks to choose from. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for further details and images on our available stock, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose MVA Bricks for your next bevel paving project and have the freedom of choice at your fingertips.