Laying Quality Paving Slabs

When it comes to laying quality paving slabs, any paver will tell you that the ideal paving brick is required for the ideal paving surface. With a wide variety of paving slabs available to choose from for specific areas, a paver with the right products and tools can get the job done and execute a fantastic paving slab surface. Paving slabs usually entail interlocking paving bricks with one another, guaranteeing a smooth surface of the resulting area and keeping the paving securely locked into place.

Kerbs can also be added for a more rounded-off result in certain environments, such as parking lots, but can be a hindrance on walkways if they protrude too much, so low-profile ones are available too. Should you be looking for amazing paving slabs, MVA Bricks has a variety on offer to our clients. Not only do we offer a variety of designs, but a selection of colours to choose from as well, giving you versatility to execute 2-tone paving jobs or incorporate multiple colours into your end result. Today, we will have a closer look at MVA Bricks’ range of paving slabs and how they can provide viable options for quality paving projects.


MVA Bricks’ Selection of Paving Bricks

At MVA Bricks, we offer a variety of options for pavers, starting with the simplest brick of them all – the Bevel. Offering a rectangular design with a bevelled surface for a smooth paving surface, the Bevel is easy to lay and arrange in various configurations. The Bevel’s dimensions are 200 x 100 x 50 mm, weighing 1,92 kg per block, laying at 50 bricks per square metre and shipping 10 m² of bricks per pack. It is available in Grey, Plum, Black, Clay, and Multi, giving you five aesthetically pleasing colours to choose from.

Should you be looking for a square brick to lay paving slabs with, our uBuntu Cobble is ideal. This brick’s dimensions are 150 x 150 x 60 mm, with a bevelled surface for a smooth result. The uBuntu Cobble weighs 2,6 kg per block and is available in grey and black. MVA Bricks offers a variety of paving slabs that are ideal for creating beautiful paved surfaces in various configurations.

For more information, feel free to peruse our website for images and details, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose MVA Bricks today and experience our comprehensive selection of paving bricks, concrete kerbs, and retaining wall blocks for yourself.