Interlocking Made Easy with MVA Bricks

Pavers and construction contractors usually make use of bricks that interlock for paving and when constructing retaining walls. Using this type of brick saves time and makes for strong paving and retaining wall construction, where the interlocking blocks use each other to stay in place and withstand the various loads more efficiently than regular blocks would.

Should you be in the paving business, MVA Bricks can offer you an impressive selection of bricks that interlock, and these bricks are available in various sizes and colours, to offer a comprehensive choice for our customers. Whether you want a plain and simple interlock brick in a regular clay colour, or rather choose to go with two colours and interlock them to achieve a specific contrasting pattern for your paved surface when completed, we have what you need. Today, we will focus on how interlocking bricks can make a paver’s life much easier with the wide range of options we offer our customers.


MVA’s Selection of Interlock Bricks

An option that has proven to be very popular, our Interlock paver model offers a brick that features an interlocking design on every side, with a bevelled top to ensure a smooth top surface once the paving is complete. These bricks are available in 50-, 60-, and 80-mm options, with the 50- and 60-mm versions weighing 2,3 kg per block and shipping at 10,4 m² per pack. The 80-mm version weighs 3,26 kg per block and ships at 7,4 m² per pack. All these Interlock models will lay at 48 bricks per square metre and they are available in Grey, Plum, Black, Clay, and Multi to ensure that we offer a wide selection for our customers.

We also offer a selection of interlocking concrete retaining wall blocks for sale which, when following the correct construction methods, basic precautions, and best practices, will make it easy for the construction contractor to safely and effectively retain natural slopes and prevent them from sliding down onto roads or buildings.

MVA Bricks offers a comprehensive selection of products for the paver and building contractor, and this also includes kerbs, interlocking bricks, and retaining wall blocks to choose from. For more information, please peruse our website for images and further details on any of our products or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose MVA Bricks today and have the freedom of choice for your next project.