Interlocking Bricks

Interlocking Solutions for Paving Bricks

Paving blocks are often designed for interlocking with each other. This especially true in the case of bricks with notched sides, whichare made for fitting into each other in an interlocking fashion.

The biggest concern with a paved area is that the blocks move against each other, disrupting the structure, especially on slopes. Therefore, using blocks that fit perfectly into each other like veritable puzzle pieces is the preferred way to pave in such places. Different patterns and layouts can also be created for specific results.

As a supplier of various building-material blocks, we pride ourselves in our quality and variety. By using concrete as the casting material, we ensure that every single block has the necessary strength and toughness to meet or exceed industry standards; in fact, our blocks are SABS-approved. We also offer our normal and interlocking bricks in a selection of colours and thicknesses to accommodate your needs. Thicker blocks are preferred for more heavy-duty applications where paved surfaces are subjected to bigger loads and forces.

Our Bevel paving block has a standardised, rectangular shape but its flat sides mean it is not a true interlocking brick. With its bevelled top face, the Bevel is a standard and universal option for paving. We offer our Bevel bricks in a selection of five colours to give you a choice for 2-toned or multicolour, patterned layouts. You can also use it for diagonal, parallel, and perpendicular layouts. It paves at 50 blocks per square metre and ships at 10 m² worth of blocks per pallet. The Bevel is 50 mm thick and can be used for a variety of light- and medium-duty applications such as residential driveways and small parking lots.

Our Interlock brick is a variant on the Bevel and a true interlocking brick, adding notched sides to enable the blocks to butt up against each other without unwanted movement. This block is offered in three thicknesses, namely 50, 60, and 80 mm. It is also available in five colours and can be used for a plethora of layouts. With the notched sides, the blocks fit tightly together, resulting in a strongly integral surface. If you need a heavy-duty solution, the 80-mm option is ideal for handling heavy loads.

MVA Bricks is your first choice as a supplier of concrete building blocks. We feature a selection of interlocking paving bricks, various concrete kerbs, and retaining-wall blocks to ensure that you have the right options for your next project. Please contact us today with any enquiries and let us deliver quality for your business with our range of building materials.