Interlocking Bricks

8 Advantages of Interlocking Bricks for Paving Projects

The unique shape of interlocking concrete bricks is what makes it possible for the blocks to fit perfectly. Here are some of the best reasons to use interlocking bricks for paving of areas that range from roads in residential estates to parking lots, patios, and pause spaces in corporate office parks.

  1. Temperature tolerant. With interlocking bricks installed on a flexible base, the paved area is less likely to suffer cracks due to mortar movement during temperature fluctuations. The interlocking system allows for sufficient movement between blocks to minimise the risk of cracks.
  2. Durable character. Part of sustainable construction entails the use of materials that are durable. In addition, durability is important to ensure a long product lifespan. This, in turn, is essential for maintenance cost savings over the long term. The units are made from high-quality concrete. With our products meeting strict SABS standards, the products are well-tested. With correct installation, very little maintenance will be needed over the lifespan of these bricks.
  3. Hassle-free repairs. Should a block be damaged, it is easy to replace without having to remove large sections of the pavement. Simply extract the affected section or unit and replace it. As such, repairs can be done where installation has been uneven without adding excessive costs to a project.
  4. Environmental sustainability. More and more companies compete for the SA Green Building Council ratings. With it being important for modern businesses and developments to improve the environmental sustainability features of their constructions, interlocking bricks for paving are the perfect solution for creating aesthetically pleasing driveways, parking lots, patios, and walkways. These blocks prevent flooding of the surroundings due to excess water run-off, which can cause erosion of the surrounding soil. The blocksallow for filtering and retaining rainwater that can be channelled back into the surrounding area.
  5. Easy to clean. With no grid in between the interlocking bricks, it is easier to wash down the surface. In addition, leaves can be removed with blowers or through simple sweeping.
  6. Many shapes and sizes. With several styles available, in addition to a comprehensive range of colours, it is possible to create visually attractive and unique paved areas to fit the surrounding landscapes and building structures.
  7. Low maintenance. As mentioned earlier, it is easy to keep the paved area clean. But what about protection against the elements? Fortunately, no overcoat or sealant is required because paving made from these blocks don’t require painting and sealing every few years. With almost no maintenance required, the cost of ownership over the lifespan of the paved area is low.
  8. Superb load-bearing capacity. Due to the interlocking feature, the bricks can withstand heavy loads on a regular basis. This also means a wider range of applications is possible. Everything from residential use and in commercial settings to industrial driving areas can be paved using the interlocking bricks. The product is even suitable for paving dock and load areas.

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