Interlocking Blocks for Business

Interlocking Paving Bricks and Concrete Blocks

Construction is a sector that requires precision and flawless execution. Therefore, engineers are employed to design blueprints and schematics before any ground is broken on a new project.

The meticulous nature of this business also requires quality building materials to be used. Concrete and steel are normally used to create frames, building blocks, and foundations. Brick is another frequently-used building material for walls and paved areas. Interlocking paving bricks and concrete retaining-wall blocks can also provide viable solutions for construction projects.

MVA Bricks has a selection of interlocking blocks. We offer a range of paving bricks in a variety of colours to allow for endless pattern and many 2-tone combinations. We also have a wide range of concrete kerbs and retaining-wall blocks. Our kerbs include barrier and mountable options to use in conjunction with our paving bricks. Our retaining-wall blocks offer interlocking designs to create retaining walls and retention ponds. Today, we will focus on our range of interlocking blocks that can help your business in its next big construction project.

The Ease of Interlocking

Interlocking paving bricks and retaining-wall blocks make life easier on the construction site. Not only does the interlocking feature reduce movement between blocks, but it also delivers a solid structure that will be more stable over time. In combination with proper kerbing, such a paved area is bound to stay in place and ensure optimal water drainage when using these bricks. Retention ponds and retaining walls can be built in a plethora of layouts and structural configurations. With an interlocking block being used, these layouts and structures can be used in various ways for the desired results.

The Interlock is MVA’s interlocking paving-block option. This brick offers a standardised rectangular shape and size, with interlocking edges and a smooth face. We offer the Interlock in 50-, 60-, and 80-mm thickness options to cater to your construction requirements. The 50- and 60-mm options weigh 2,3 kg per block, paves at 48 bricks per m², and ships at 10,4 m² of bricks per pack. The 80-mm option weighs 3,26 kg per block and ships at 7,4 m² of bricks per pack. When it comes to interlocking paving blocks for your construction project, the Interlock is a good choice.

Retaining walls and retention ponds are constructed to keep soil and water at bay. MVA Bricks offers various interlocking options in our selection of retaining-wall blocks. The MVA 13 is a rounded retaining-wall block that features a concave side to allow for interlocking between the blocks. Our new Lok Block is design allows the blocks to comfortably fit into each other when stacked. Therefore, when your business needs interlocking blocks, MVA Bricks offers suitable options for both paving and retaining-wall construction.

MVA Bricks is your one-stop supplier of construction blocks for paving, kerbing, and retaining-wall construction. For detailed information on our selection of interlocking blocks for your business, feel free to peruse our website. Let MVA be your first choice in supplying construction blocks for your next project and let our quality products deliver the desired results.