Interlocking Block Solutions

Paving presents its own set of unique challenges, like having to ensure that the surface is flat before starting the project and getting the perfect number of blocks and bricks for the overall surface area. Once those things are calculated, the time comes to choose the ideal interlocking brick for the project, including colour and layout. Choosing an interlock block will open up a variety of uses to the paver, with a wide selection of colours and patterns available for the desired result.

Interlock blocks also provide stability over time, with the bricks fitting perfectly into each other to create a solid paving surface for walking and driving on. Interlock retaining wall blocks provide similar advantages, but in a vertical plane as opposed to a horizontal plane, to keep ground slopes intact and prevent any damage that could be caused to roads and building structures underneath the wall by landslides. Should you be looking for a supplier where you can find these interlock blocks for your next construction project, MVA Bricks offers what you need. Today, we will focus on our range of interlock blocks for paving and retaining wall purposes to give you a comprehensive overview of our products.


Interlock Blocks for Paving

Starting with our Interlock paving block, we offer a brick ideal for various paving projects. This brick is available in 50-, 60-, and 80-mm variants to give you a comprehensive selection in terms of size and possible uses, with five colours to choose from as well. The 50- and 60-mm variants weigh 2,3 kg per block, pave at 48 bricks per m², and ships at 10,4 m² worth of bricks per pack. The 80-mm variant has a weight of 3,26 kg and ships at 7,4 m² of bricks per pack.

MVA Bricks offers a variety of interlock blocks to ensure that your next construction project features smooth surfaces and superb integrity. For more information on our range of interlock blocks, feel free to peruse our website for images and details or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose MVA Bricks today and take advantage of our wide selection for your next construction project.